Beam Expansion

Precise expansion of laser beams.

A unique system made of aspheric lenses

Conventional laser beam expander can only be adapted with great effort, are relatively large and only suitable for a certain wavelength. The world’s first use of an aspheric lens for laser beam expansion opens completely new possibilities. Spherical aberrations are corrected and an afocal system for large input beam diameters is realized. The aspheric beam expansion lens reduces the system size up to 50% compared to currently available optical components on the market. The asphericon laser beam expander system covers a wide wavelength spectrum. Design wavelengths of 355, 532, 632 and 780 to 1064 nm. An intelligent assembly concept saves time-consuming adjustments and ensures precision and flexibility. Discover the advantages of aspherical beam expansion for your application!


Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffraction-limited beam expander. The a|BeamExpander is a monolithic laser accessory with just one aspheric lens for the highest level of precision. Experience nearly endless possibilities with up to 32× beam magnification and optimized performance for different design wavelengths (355, 532, 632, 780, 1064 nm) - individually measured and certified. The asphericon beam expansion system works completely diffraction limited, both as a single element and in cascades with up to five additional coated elements. Three magnification levels are available (1.5, 1.75, 2.0), which can achieve up to 32x expansion.


  • Available in five design wavelengths [355 nm / 532 nm / 632 nm / 780 nm / 1064 nm]
  • Max. input aperture 10.6 – 14.7 mm, max. output aperture 22.5 mm
  • Available with magnifications of 1.5 | 1.75 | 2.0
  • Possibility of combining up to five expander for up to 32 times beam expansion and over 230 intermediate stages
  • Completely diffraction-limited – individually measured and guaranteed by an original asphericon certificate
  • Laser induced damage threshold (Coating): 12 J/cm², 100 Hz, 6 ns, 532 nm

Technical dimensions [mm]

a|BeamExpander UV

Looking for laser beam expanders with short delivery times?


Cross-system and intra-system a|Adapters enable individual BeamTuning products and mounted optics to be quickly fitted together. They also ensure high compatibility with other optics systems without the need for any additional adjustment.

asphericon’s intra-system adapters can be used to connect for example a|BeamExpanders to each other in both functional directions for the finer adjustment of magnification levels. The range of cross-system a|Adapters includes adapters with C-mount and SM1 threads for easy integration into existing set-ups, even non-system ones. Due to its external diameter, the 1.2" circumference adapter can be used as both intra-system and cross-system adapter.

Intra-system a|Adapter

Intra-system a|Adapters allow to combine all BeamTuning elements, e.g. to use a|BeamExpander in both functional directions, to expand or reduce the beam diameter. The a|Adapter tilt ensures precise alignment of all optical elements within the beam path and can be flexibly tilted in different directions (x- and y-direction).

Intra-system a|Adapter
Intra-system a|Adapter

Cross-system a|Adapter

Easy integrate all BeamTuning elements into any optical system (e.g. Qioptiq, OWIS or Edmund Optics) through a variety of mounting concepts by using the cross- system a|Adapters (C-Mount, SM1). Thanks to its outer diameter, the 1.2" circumference can be used both as intra-system and as cross-system a|Adapter.

Cross-system a|Adapter
Cross-system a|Adapter

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