Laser Surgery

A modern, laser-assisted treatment method

Lasers have established themselves in modern medicine as an important instrument for characterizing and treating physical changes and diseases. Various fields of application cover areas from ophthalmology to dentistry. By using a laser, for example, it is possible to:

  • Counteract Retinal Detachment,
  • Diagnose and Treat Cancer,
  • Cosmetic Interventions, such as Tattoo Removal,
  • Remove Cartilage Tissue or
  • Sterilize Root Canals.

Advantage of laser-based operations

The low risk of infection made possible by minimally invasive applications, high-precision incisions in tissue structures and a low risk of bleeding - due to rapid sealing of surrounding blood vessels - are convincing in surgical practice. Laser-based operations are therefore increasingly being used in modern surgery to save time and protect tissue.

Aspheres for precise focusing & beam bundling

The basis for the use of medical lasers is the combination of precise focusing, optimum beam bundling and powerful laser protection. The installation of high-quality optics, e.g. aspheres, in the laser system enables the implementation of an effective, durable and safe laser for consistently best results and satisfied patients by correcting spherical imaging errors, so-called aberrations, aspheres significantly improve imaging results. The focus can be precisely centered, and the effectiveness of the laser increased as well as kept constant. A further advantage results from the compact design, since the use of aspheres requires quantitatively fewer lenses than, for example, the use of spherical lenses. Beam shaping systems are required for the perfect bundling of monochromatic light. With the help of products from asphericon’s BeamTuning product range, an easy transformation of Gaussian laser beams into various Top-Hat profiles is achieved. With homogeneous intensity distributions, so-called Top-Hats, significantly better results can be achieved than with Gaussian profiles. They enable, for example, a high edge steepness of the laser beam and thus the quality of a cutting edge or even uniform illumination.

Laser protection filter for safe interventions

Laser protection filters in medical lasers are necessary to protect the surgeon. Laser safety filters have a high optical density, which means that only light rays that are harmless to the surgeon’s eyes can pass through. The dangerous laser light component is blocked. At the same time, an image of the region to be treated can be produced due to the high transmittance of the laser protection filter. This ensures safe working and operating.

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