Windscreens with integrated display for more safety

State-of-the-art head-up displays enhance safety and information in road traffic and create a unique driving experience. The idea: The driver’s field of vision is superimposed with technical information via high-quality optics. Thanks to semi-transparent optics, the environment and projected data merge to form a fluid overall picture. The first systems for mapping speed and rotational speed are already available, also for retrofitting. A particular advantage of head-up displays is that the view does not have to be turned away from the road. All relevant information, such as speed or roadway detection, is in the field of vision and warns in good time of potentially dangerous situations.

Projection by mirror system

In modern automobiles, head-up displays are intended to increase comfort and safety on daily journeys. The most important vehicle and road parameters are projected onto a specially curved windscreen. For example, the driver is shown the temporary speed or road detection by the perfect interplay of mirror system, image generation unit and the special windscreen. Warnings in potentially dangerous situations can be issued in good time and clearly visible, e.g. if the vehicle leaves the road unintentionally or is too close to the vehicle in front. The projection is perceived in front of the vehicle, resulting in a relaxed and matching overall picture for the driver - also for trucks and buses. The head-up display installed in the vehicle has mirrors that fold the optical beam path by their distracting properties and using the law of refraction. This gives more freedom in the further design of the vehicle. The intensity of the displayed information is permanently readjusted depending on the ambient brightness. This means that the display remains easy to read even under changing lighting conditions.

Variants of Head-Up-Displays

In addition to head-up displays integrated into windscreens, there are two other display variants:

  • AR-Head-Up-Displays and
  • Combiner Head-Up-Displays.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays (AR-Head-Up-Displays for short) have an additional display level that expands the external view of the traffic situation in front of the vehicle with virtual instructions. Here it seems as if the information from the head-up display is a direct part of the driving situation.

With Combiner Head-Up Displays, the (traffic) information is projected onto a small plastic screen in front of the windscreen.

Mirrors from asphericon offer the best reflections and thus help to achieve optimum projections. Our special coatings withstand fluctuating temperatures and daily use without any problems.

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