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Partially transparent optics for more safety in air traffic

As in the automotive industry, state-of-the-art head-up displays represent a display solution for the aerospace industry. The idea: High-quality optics provide important, temporary flight data and information within the pilot’s field of vision. These include, for example, runway markings or the aircraft height. Partially transparent optics merge technical information with the environment in the pilot’s field of vision to create a perfect and pleasant overall picture. The view can thus be directed towards the trajectory and attention can be focused. The result is not only a relief for the pilot, but also an increase in safety. Head-up displays therefore form an ideal interface between information flow, increased comfort and flight safety.

Variants of Head-Up Displays

In the aerospace industry, head-up displays integrated into the windscreen are used. These are adapted to the special curvature of the pane and have mirrors which fold the optical beam path through deflecting properties and the use of the law of refraction. The intensity of the displayed information is adjusted to the respective ambient brightness, so that it remains clearly visible even under changing lighting conditions. Further variants of Head-Up Displays are AR and Combiner Head-Up Displays.

Information gain through aspherical mirrors

In modern aircraft, head-up displays are an integral part of a high-quality cockpit. Consisting of collimators and holographic technology, the most important information for the pilot is visualized frontally on a partially transparent screen. The partially mirrored surface of the aspherical screen makes it possible to see the virtual image at the same time as the real environment without having to change the eye focus. Additional data, such as the virtual display of the runway, information on wind shear detection or other warning messages, such as the collision warning system TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System), guarantee safer guidance of the aircraft even in darkness and fog. Head-up displays are therefore particularly efficient and safe.

Aspherical mirrors of the highest quality as well as high-quality coatings are part of asphericons extensive product range. The perfect image, the clearest view and the lowest glare guarantee pilots optimum working conditions and support them reliably in their daily work.

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