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100% digitized process landscape

Our patented and continuously developed software architecture is the key success factor for the reliable and efficient production of optical components and systems. We have been using and defining Industry 4.0 for over 20 years, long before the term entered the manufacturing world.

We digitize the requirements of our customers and suppliers and transfer them directly into the production process. From our customers’ specifications, through the entire production process to the final documentation, there is no manual intervention - everything is managed digitally. In this way, we ensure extremely flexible manufacturing processes.

Features of the digital asphericon world

Software for controlling the production of optics

For a long time, the production of optical lenses was a purely manual process. “We knew that we had to develop a deterministic function that would work again and again,” says CEO Sven Kiontke. Today, the software for controlling our machinery comprises over two million lines of code. Production orders are sent digitally to the machine, the machine operators insert the optics to be processed and processing starts.

Automated measurement

In addition to grinding and polishing, asphericon also faced the challenge of optimizing the entire measuring system. “Back then, the machine operators spent more time measuring than machining,” says Sven Kiontke, describing the situation in the early years. asphericon decided early on adding a measuring component to its in-house software tool. Today, the measurement process is largely automated. This not only saves time and costs, but also enables asphericon to document every production process with an exact measurement result. Of course, everything is 100% digital.

Automation in all steps of the production process

Every additional (production) step that can be digitized brings us and our customers added value. Our optics production is not a static construct, but a process that is continuously being developed. This comprehensive transformation of the production cycle not only ensures cost savings, but also greater reliability and independence.

Collect, manage and analyze - data is the key

A comprehensive database enables our customers to access data and specifications for all projects ever produced. This has been maintained since the company was founded, assists with product development and enables efficient customer support. Our reverse engineering approach gives us the opportunity to quickly analyze production results from the past to incorporate them into future product developments.

Data security as the basis for digital transformation

Digitalization inevitably makes companies susceptible to vulnerabilities. Networked worlds can be targeted by cyberattacks or industrial espionage. It is therefore essential to make security one of the foundations of digital transformation. asphericon therefore operates an autonomous system with a unique ASN number (ASN 62270) and is effectively an official (internal) Internet operator. In addition, there are over 200 virtual servers, 600 devices with network plugs and 50 SSDs (solid state drives) for storing all company data.

Efficient training to combat the skills shortage

The digital world not only helps asphericon in the development and production of optical systems. Our digital training program also simplifies and shortens the induction period for new colleagues. For example, asphericon can easily train or qualify career changers. This reduces the onboarding time to just a few weeks - a clear advantage in times of skills shortages.

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