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asphericon combines a researcher’s pioneering spirit with the practical ability to implement customer-oriented, economical solutions. Latest manufacturing technologies, continually evolving proprietary control software, world class measurement equipment and highly qualified employees ensure that asphericon provids over 800 customers worldwide with innovative solutions. The weekly production capacity is up to 1500 optical elements and systems.

The symbiosis of IT and photonics

The story of asphericon begins in 2001, when the founders started to realize their vision: to produce high-precision aspheric lenses using digital technologies.

“We are establishing the asphere as a standard element in optics.“

Sven Kiontke & Alexander Zschäbitz, 2001

The company grew continuously over the following 10 years. New machines could be purchased, technologies developed, and employees trained. After renting premises in Erfurt and at TIP Jena, the first company-owned building was constructed at Stockholmer Straße 9 in Jena in 2011.

At a time when “Industry 4.0” was still a foreign concept, the young team began to build the company on a digital foundation. All data and processes were to run through the company on a digital basis. To this day, the CNC machines are controlled using patented software developed in-house. This now comprises more than two million lines of code. Digitization was transferred to all upstream and downstream production processes. Innovative ideas and products are created on a production area of over 2700 square meters with the help of 200 employees these days. The asphericon GmbH is supported by its subsidiaries asphericon, Inc. and asphericon s.r.o. in Florida/USA and Jeřmanice/Czech Republic.

The following figure shows the company’s current process landscape, which connects all three locations. To this day, the focus is on the intelligent control software and the associated digitalization concept from 2001.

The asphere as a standard in optics

The constantly evolving software architecture is the key success factor to manufacture optical components and systems. The principle: We digitize the requirements of our customers and suppliers and transfer them directly into the development and production process. Right through to the final documentation, there is no manual intervention - everything is organized digitally. This ensures flexible and transparent production processes. Our customers benefit from the variety of data, e.g. in the further development or optimization of their own optical systems.

Until recently, aspheric optics had a reputation for being difficult to tolerate and difficult to produce. This image has changed in recent years, partly thanks to asphericon’s efforts. Aspheres have become indispensable in areas such as life science, measurement technology and laser applications. Thanks to their impressive properties, aspheric optics have made a triumphant advance in leading technology sectors.

In everything we do, light inspires the future

Bringing visions to life Bringing visions to life - Characterized by an extraordinary idea since the foundation.
The founding history of asphericon is already characterized by an extraordinary idea, a vision: to revolutionize the production of aspheric components with a completely new technology. In doing so, we are opening a dimension of precision and quality that was previously not thought possible. Bringing visions to life - with this goal, asphericon is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and setting new milestones in the world of optics.
Pioneer Pioneer - Technologies, shapes & materials: Perfect in quality & precision.
Our technologies allow us to process a wide variety of shapes and materials for all wavelengths. Combined with high-end processes and applications, unique dimensions of precision are achieved. asphericon inspires with precision that exceeds current standards - in every detail, time and time again. Since 2008, we are meeting all requirements of ISO 9001, confirming our commitment to high-quality work processes. We also guarantee RoHS and REACH-compliant production.
Enabler Enabler - Striving for further development & optimization as drivers.
What drives us is the pursuit of further development and optimization as well as the desire to exceed the high expectations of our customers. Since our foundation, we have not been satisfied with existing technologies and standards. For us, partnership means listening, understanding and actively thinking along with our customers. We are always on the lookout for economically viable and technically feasible solutions for our customers. We look forward to making your project possible.
Our system solutions will be central in shaping future applications.

What’s important to us

Since the beginning, the founders of asphericon have not been satisfied with existing technologies and standards. What drives us is the constant striving for further development and optimization as well as the desire to exceed the high expectations of our customers and partners - both in terms of our products and our cooperation.

Partnership Partnership - For best cooperation with customers & suppliers
For us, partnership means listening, understanding and actively thinking along. We are on the lookout for economically viable and technically feasible solutions for our customers. We treat suppliers and manufacturers as equals and are a predictable and reliable partner in the best sense of the word.
Team spirit Team spirit - Respect & helpfulness even beyond the daily work routine
With their expertise and commitment, our employees form the basis for the technological edge that leads to unique solutions. Respect and care are a matter of course for us. We support our team in their daily work and beyond. Find out more about current vacancies.
Sustainability Sustainability - Sustainable management as part of the company philosophy
Sustainable management is an important part of our corporate philosophy. We only use electricity from certified renewable resources, are pioneers in the provision of public charging stations for electromobility, invest in sustainable buildings and much more.
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Speak to our team
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