Refining optical components through marking and varnishing

Individual refinement of optical components

To minimize stray light and reflections as well as to simplify the identification of components and systems, asphericon’s services includes a range of optical refinement services. In addition to laser marking on edges and optical surfaces, e.g. for permanent inscriptions or azimuths, this includes the complete or selective varnishing of optical edges with different types of varnish. Adapted to your individual requirements, our experts will find the right solution for every project.

Edge Varnishing

To reduce and/or completely avoid stray light, for aperture diaphragms or cosmetic aspects asphericon offers an additional edge varnishing of optical components. Our selection of different varnishes enables a homogeneous, rich black on arbitrarily ground and polished component contours through the preceding, optimized surface processing. The selection of lacquers also includes conductive and other special varnishes. The optics to be varnished can be made of various materials, such as glass, crystals or even ceramics.

Your advantages for edge coating at asphericon at a glance:

  • Solvent resistant lacquers
  • Complete or selective varnishing
  • Materials: all types of glass, crystals and ceramics
  • Special lacquers available on request (e.g. conductive paintwork)

We would be happy to send you further information on request.

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Laser Marking

Laser marking enables, among other things, the clear identification and traceability of single lenses up to complex optical systems. The laser-based process can also be used for discrete marking, e.g. to provide products with counterfeit protection. Thanks to defect-free markings through optimized pulse regimes, azimuths, side markings and/or scales can be marked by laser at asphericon and e.g. used as assembly aids. Furthermore, we can provide your optics with markings, such as character strings, from individually selectable font sizes and types as well as logos to complete a product. In addition to flat and cylindrical optics made of various materials (including semiconductors), a laser marking can also be applied to mounts and holders with marking sizes of up to 80 mm.

Laser marking service at a glance:

  • Free selectable font sizes and types
  • Materials: all types of glass, plastics, metals, ceramics, crystals and semiconductors
  • Marking size: 1 - 80 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: < 0.1 mm
  • Cylindrical edges and plane front surfaces (vertical and horizontal) 360° circumferential possible
  • Optional: discreet lettering (counterfeit protection)

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