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Precision optical coating

High-end optical coatings in the spectral range from UV to near infrared for demanding optical components with reasonable delivery times and reliable service - that’s optical lens coating made by asphericon. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and measuring technologies available on the market as well as an experienced team of technicians, we turn your ideas into reality. Discover our types of optical coatings.

Optical coating technologies at asphericon

Looking for a customized optical coating for your application? asphericon’s portfolio includes:

  • Dielectric Anti-Reflection Coating,
  • Dielectric mirrors,
  • Metallic mirrors,
  • Filter layers and
  • Beam splitter

Depending on individual properties of the material and the requirements of the optical system, we select the appropriate coating technology for your project. For this purpose electron beam evaporation, ion beam assisted deposition or sputtering can be used.

Looking for a customized optical coating service?

Specifications optical coating

Electron Beam Evaporation Ion Assisted Deposition Magnetron Sputtering
Substrate size (Diameter) up to 300 mm up to 300 mm up to - 250 mm
Spectral range 190 - 5100 nm 190 - 5100 nm 380 - 5100 nm
Stability good very good ultra-hard
Residual reflection Rabs < 0,1% (V-Coating) Rabs < 0,1% (V-Coating) Rabs < 0,1% (V-Coating)
Feature - usage of plasma source sputter-up technology
Applications AR ARBB, HR ARSBB, HR, Filter
Fast-Lane Service (24/48h) optional optional optional

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The full spectrum of optical coatings at asphericon

Dielectric Anti-Reflection Coating

If too much light is reflected in a laser application, throughput is reduced and laser-induced damage can result. To increase the transmission of a system and reduce reflections, optical surfaces can be refined with anti-reflective coatings. Reflection-minimizing coatings, also referred to as anti-reflection coatings, are essential for maximum transmission of optics. Depending on the desired application, we offer single layer coatings, broadband coatings and reflection-minimizing coatings specific for laser applications. It is possible to minimize the reflection to <0.1%, depending on the glass type.

Download coating curves:

📎 Single Layer Coating (ARES)
📎 Double Layer Coating (ARDS)
📎 Multiple Coatings (ARDD)
📎 Broadband Coating (ARBB)
📎 Super Broadband Coating (ARSBB)

Dielectric mirrors

Dielectric coatings (also called thin-film or interference coatings) consist of thin layers of transparent dielectric materials. Optical interference between reflected or transmitted partial beams of incident light can be generated by dielectric coatings. This allows almost arbitrary adjustment of the light’s transmission and reflection. Absorption-free, stress-minimized optical mirror coatings optimized for various angles of incidence with reflections greater than 99% can be produced for various wavelength ranges with dielectric coatings.

Mirrors can be specialized for single wavelengths (Single High Reflection, or SHR), two wavelengths (Double High Reflection, or DHR) and over a broad spectral range (Broadband High Reflection, or BBHR). Our high-power coatings are optimized for high-performance laser applications.

Download coating curve:

📎 Single High Reflection (SHR) | Broadband High Reflection (BBHR)

Metallic mirrors

Metallic mirrors provide a constant level of reflection across a very wide wavelength range and are highly effective at reflecting light beams. The surfaces are based on metals (e.g. Al, Ag or Au). Metallic mirrors can be protected and their reflectivity enhanced by adding dielectric coatings.

Download coating curves:

📎 Silver mirror (AGM)
📎 Gold mirror (AUM)
📎 Aluminium mirror (ALM)
📎 High-Reflection Aluminium Mirror (ALENHM)

Filter layers

For many applications, various wavebands can be separated with filter coatings. We offer short pass and long pass filters based on dielectric coatings. Short pass filters allow short wavelengths to pass, while long wavelengths are reflected. In contrast, long pass filters transmit the long wavelengths and reflect the short wavelengths.

Download coating curves:

📎 Short-pass Filter (KPF)
📎 Long-pass Filter (LPF)

Beam splitter

Beam splitter coatings divide incoming light into a transmitted and a reflected part. Based on thermally very stable dielectric layers, we realize customer-specific desired splitting ratios, typically 50 % / 50 % (R/T) or 30 % / 70 % (R/T).

Download coating curve:

📎 Beam Splitter (BS)

Looking for customized optical coatings?

Optical coatings for UV, VIS and IR

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