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The latest tactile and interferometric measuring instruments allow the flexible manufacturing of aspheric optics at the highest technological level. A specially developed and integrated database system enables measurement results from all manufacturing steps to be documented, evaluated precisely, and accessed at any time. A wide range of measuring instruments is used to achieve accurate measuring results. Our experienced team is looking forward to your project!

Metrology at asphericon at a glance:

  • Tactile measurement up to diameters of 260 mm
  • Full-surface non-contact measurement up to 420 mm
  • Non-contact center thickness measurement
  • Roughness measurement Ra < 0.5 nm RMS, measuring field up to 1 x 1 mm
  • Measurement of freeforms: form and positional tolerances, roughness
  • Measurement/position check of mounts, mounted optics and complete systems
  • Confocal 3D defect characterization

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Our measuring instruments

MarOpto TWI

  • Fast interferometer in the production environment for surface form and radius measurement on aspheres, RMS reproducibility of < 1 nm
  • Most accurate recording of medium and high-frequency errors and coma

LuphoScan 260 and 420

  • Fiber optics based multi-wavelength-interferometry (MWLI®)
  • Measuring range: 420 mm (diameter) by 100 mm (height)
  • Longitudinal resolution: 0.1 nm

Zygo Verifire AsphereTM

  • Laser based, 3-dimensional, mechanical phase shifting interferometry (6″ Fizeau interferometer) combined with heterodyne displacement interferometry
  • Capability: measurement of the surface form deviation and radius of curvature of aspheric, spherical and flat optics
  • Aspheric measurement performance up to 60 nm (λ/10)

MarSurf LD 120 MarWin

  • Two-dimensional measuring of optically rough surfaces
  • Exact reproduction of aspheres, based on a resolution of 2 nm (0.08 μin) and form deviations of less than 100 nm (4 μin)

MarSurf LD 260 Aspheric

  • Highly accurate 2D / 3D measurement of optical components
  • Direct measuring range up to 260 mm
  • Maximum diameter up to 400 mm
  • Resolution: 0.8 nm

MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D

  • High precision 2D / 3D measurement
  • Wide measuring range up to 260 mm in diameter
  • Vertical resolution of 1 nm and form deviations of <100 nm (< +/- 50 nm)
  • Centering accuracy within the micro- to submicrometer range

Zygo NewViewTM 7100 and MarSurf WM 100

  • Measuring of roughnesses on aspheric surfaces up to 0.5 nm

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