Security Applications

Durable optical systems for displays and cameras

Displays and systems for the automotive industry, aviation industry, art trade and the environment

The areas of optical security applications are no longer limited to classical observation systems such as surveillance cameras. A wide range of applications enables effective control, monitoring and inspection in a wide range of industries, including head-up displays and thermal imaging cameras. The areas of application in which optical elements are used for security applications are growing daily. The result is the growing demand for ever more powerful and complex optics.

Security solutions from asphericon

asphericon’s product portfolio for security applications includes, among others:

  • High-quality optics such as spheres, aspheres and free-form optics with the best imaging properties
  • Special finishing processes for the lowest surface roughness
  • Extensive environmental tests (e.g. tests of adhesion, humidity and temperature)
  • Long-lasting optical coatings from UV to IR

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Head-Up Displays and Laser Systems for Aerospace and Art Trade

The use of advanced optical systems enables pilots in the aviation industry, for example, to safely land and fly in bad weather conditions using head-up displays. The pilot’s gaze does not have to alternate between the different instruments, but receives the most important information, such as course and speed, via a system of laser projectors, lenses and mirrors on the windscreen. Outside the aircraft, during airport security checks, laser systems can be used to identify the difference between shampoo and liquid explosives based on the liquid angle. Art trade also uses lasers. To analyze works of art, but also to remove impurities from precious, historically valuable works without damaging them.

(Thermal) camera systems for automotive, military and environmental applications

In the manufacturing industry, e.g. in the automotive industry, camera systems enable control and process monitoring. With a thermal imaging camera, for example, it is possible to detect temperature differences during production and thus sources of error immediately, which could otherwise lead to quality differences.

Camera systems installed in drones are used in military, agricultural or meteorological areas. They enable the protection of border areas, crop stands - by control flights over the cultivated fields - as well as the environment through climate research and environmental studies.

Extensive environmental testing for long-life lenses and systems

Optical components have to meet high requirements: Robust and durable, they must withstand daily use reliably. High temperature differences, humidity or contamination must not negatively influence the imaging properties and performance of spheres, aspheres or optical systems. The solution are optical components that pass extensive environmental tests. These include, for example, adhesion, humidity and temperature tests. asphericon carries out such tests in-house. Our products impress through constant best performance and easy handling in daily use. As a reliable partner, optics from asphericon can complement microscopes, laser and camera systems, as well as many other optical devices in the field of security applications.

The same applies to optical coatings. You have the possibility to have existing optics coated afterwards or to seal new optical elements. Our optical refinements effectively help to minimize reflections in beam paths or to allow certain wavelengths to pass through.

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