Lens systems and coatings for examining of the anterior eye area

Ophthalmology deals with preventive examination, treatment, diagnostics and postoperative control of the eye. State-of-the-art technical equipment helps to detect diseases and changes in the eye quickly and to determine treatment methods. Based on high-quality optics, imaging ophthalmological-instrumental procedures are widely used, e.g. in retinal, dynamic vessel analysis or optical coherence tomography. In their application, the imaging procedures are contactless for the patient, non-invasive and produce high-resolution images (partly also videos), which results in a simplified, image-supported communication between examiner and patient. For imaging, innovative optical components are necessary that ensure high resolution, best imaging results and excellent images.

Aspheres as the core of ophthalmological devices

Using a digital fundus camera, images of the fundus of the eye can be taken even with small pupil diameters thanks to high-performance optical components. Detailed illustrations thus ensure optimal diagnostic conditions and enable simple follow-up checks. For an observation system integrated in the fundus camera, asphericon offers efficient optical solutions, e.g. high-performance aspheres, for a compact design and best imaging results. Lighting systems can be transformed with beam shaping elements, e.g. with the a|TopShape. Contact us, our experienced team will advise you and work with you to find the optimum solution.

Precision due to anti-reflective coatings

Improved imaging qualities are achieved with reflection-reducing or reflection-correcting coatings and disturbing light reflections are avoided. Desired reflections of the beam paths within the ophthalmological devices can be realized by a surface reflection on metal basis. The possibilities are manifold and adaptable. Lenses, lens systems and coatings from asphericon are the perfect solution for your optical requirements. Our products achieve a dimension of optical precision and quality not previously thought possible - the ideal support for your applications. Durable and efficient, the best imaging results can be achieved consistently - for easy work and maximum satisfaction.

We will be happy to advise you on the various finishing processes and show you the many advantages that suit your product.

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