Laser mirrors

High-power optics for laser applications

High-reflective laser mirrors for low-loss laser beam deflection

Specially designed for applications with lasers (e.g. for laser beam shaping), asphericon laser mirrors are characterized by minimal scattering and excellent surface qualities. Optical coatings and resistant materials with high laser damage thresholds prevent laser damage to optical components and ensure a long service life.

asphericon laser mirrors – high-quality material coupled with resistant coatings

asphericon provides laser mirrors for use from 400 nm to the near IR range for a wide variety of sources, such as fibre, diode and Nd:YAG lasers. They include plane mirrors as well as concave mirrors and other tailored shapes. We also work with clients to develop and manufacture ideal solutions for ultra-short pulse lasers for your required wavelength. They are distinguished by high damage thresholds to prevent laser damage and ensure a long service life.

asphericon offers laser mirrors with maximum reflection made for instance from N-BK7 and ZERODUR® with high-quality metal, filter and dielectric coatings. Dichroic mirrors and Bragg mirrors are also available from asphericon. Laser mirrors made of silicon, for example, are characterized by high dynamic strength, making them suitable for use under harsh or industrial environmental conditions. Mirrors made of aluminium can be given special structures and used in lightweight applications. asphericon’s high-end coatings further improve your laser mirrors. Technologies such as magnetron sputtering ensure high repeatability and low tolerances in coatings as well as high density, high laser damage thresholds and durability.

Clients also benefit from the following:

  • Suitability for a wide range of laser sources
  • Solutions tailored to specific applications
  • Excellent surface qualities
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing

Looking for custom laser mirrors?

Laser mirror specification

Custom laser mirrors
Diameter 10 - 420 mm
Diameter tolerance +0/-0.3 mm
RMS irregularity (RMSi) 25 nm
Surface imperfection (Scratch/Dig) 20 - 10
Coating Customer specific (e.g. dielectric coatings, metal-based coatings, filter coatings)
Metrology Full-surface interferometric
Material Customer specific (almost any type of glass, quartz glass, germanium, silicon, ZERODUR®)
Mounting Customer specific
Delivery time From 6–8 weeks

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Custom Laser Mirrors

Applications for laser mirrors

Laser mirrors are mainly used in the beam steering and beam shaping of lasers, for example for materials processing by laser and surface structuring.

With the help of a deflection mirror, laser beams can be guided in a specific direction. The laser mirror reflects the laser beam in the direction required by the application. Typical applications include microscopy and the illumination of the lens mount. If a beam is deflected by multiple mirrors and with sufficient light intensity, laser mirrors can also be used on a larger scale to illuminate, say, entire rooms. Head-up displays, too, are based on this principle of deflection.

Surface Texturing
Laser Cutting

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