Industrial engineering

Reliable optical applications and systems

Optical components for industrial engineering

Quality assurance in production and optimized workflows are important factors to ensure competitiveness in the industrial environment. Digitized processes, automated workflows and intelligent control systems are increasingly used and determine today's pace of innovation. Optical systems and elements support this development. In particular, the focus is on requirements for the reliability of the technologies as well as functional efficiency in changing environments.

Solutions for industrial engineering from asphericon

asphericon’s product portfolio for industrial engineering includes:

  • Sophisticated optical and mechanical designs and initial feasibility studies
  • High-quality and temperature-resistant optics (spheres, aspheres, freeform optics) and optical systems
  • Mirrors and reflectors of highest quality and durability for perfect images
  • Optical coatings from UV and VIS to IR

Looking for a custom solution for your individual application within industrial engineering?

Real-time quality assurance

An automated inspection system is based on state-of-the-art optics and sensors. For example, laser-based systems and optical sensors examine the contours of a workpiece using laser scanning to be able to react quickly to exceeded production tolerances. The high accuracy of optical quality checks allows reliable production runs even for complex components. Smaller, more individual batches can also be implemented economically by means of efficient quality assurance.

Intelligent production processes

Cameras and sensors play a major role in the automation of production steps (Machine Vision). The information gained from this process provides valuable input for the positioning of tools or for adjustments of processing temperatures and speeds.

While industrial robots are already widely used, robot-guided 3D image processing has also found its way into the production environment. Here, an image processing system identifies the exact coordinates of an object and passes them on to the robot. Robot-guided 3D image processing is particularly suitable for pick-and-place applications.

Furthermore, so-called smart manufacturing ensures that data generated by sensors and cameras is centrally collected and continuously analyzed. Conclusions can be drawn about the condition of the production facilities, about parts to be replaced or possible unscheduled maintenance work. Failures are thus avoided and downtimes are minimized.

Autonomously operating utility and transport vehicles can ensure smooth in-house logistics in the production area. Dynamic route guidance according to delivery priority or the active bypassing of obstacles make internal plant logistics more efficient and safer.

asphericon supports a wide range of production-related applications with optical components and systems. Initial feasibility studies give a quick and precise impression of possible applications. Please feel free to contact us!

Seamless integration of information into the field of view

Integrated assistance systems also play an increasingly important role in manufacturing. Information can be displayed directly in the user’s field of vision (head-up displays), for example by means of mirrors on partially transparent surfaces such as the glass of a forklift or crane. This reduces distractions and enables a unique user or driving experience. Such displays can flexibly display different information in any brightness depending on the situation. This makes it possible, for example, to flexibly display the rotational speeds of machines, error messages or operating instructions.

The exterior view can also be extended virtually. Hereby it appears that the insertion is part of the environment, which is called Augmented Reality (AR). An intuitive understanding of the information is thus facilitated. Planned units can be projected next to existing machines as part of the planning process and indicate any necessary planning adjustments at an early stage. All in all, lightweight and compact optics are required to enable portable set-ups, such as headsets.

Looking for a custom solution for your individual application within industrial engineering?

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