Optical Characterization

Determination of beam parameters in real time.

Precise measuring and certification

Based on a high-resolution wavefront measurement, an additional optical characterization can be done after the production of each lens/optical system. For most precise results and high reproducibility of the measurements, we have the appropriate measurement technology at our disposal and also create interfaces to the optical design. The high quality of our products is guranteed by a certificate.

The optical characterization at asphericon includes:

  • Measurement of the wavefront (wavelength range 400 – 1064 nm, different wavelengths on request)
  • Measurement of MTF, PSF and Strehl ratio
  • Illustration of the wavefront measurement

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Phasics™ SID4 – HR

With the Phasics™ SID4 – HR, asphericon utilizes one of the most modern technologies to measure wavefront aberrations.

For the analysis the interferograms are recorded by using a modified Hartmann test and a lateral shearing interferometry formalism.

This leads to an increased resolution (at least by a factor of 4) in comparison with Shack–Hartmann wave front sensors.

  • High resolution of the phase map up to 400 x 300 measuring points (HR) for precise measurement of the aberrations and high reproducibility of the measurement
  • Unique ability for direct measurement of diverging beams without an additional focus lens(up to NA = 0.72)
  • Multi-wavelength capability without additional calibration of the overall detection range of the camera (400 nm – 1064 nm)
  • With Phasics™ SID4 – HR, the complete characterization of optical components (aberrations, PSF, MTF, effective focal length, etc.) is achieved in just one measurement

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