Thermal images through high-quality IR optics

Thermography is an imaging method that captures the emitted heat rays (= infrared rays or IR rays) of a body and displays them as a thermal image on a display. The basis for thermography systems - better known as thermal imaging cameras - are high-quality IR optics. These generate a thermal image on a display in interaction with a detector, which is responsible for the resolution, and the built-in electronics. The thermal image does not show a real image of the observed body or terrain, but the heat rays emanating from it. The camera recognizes the different temperatures of the different surfaces and displays them in color on the display. Warm to hot surfaces are displayed in yellow and red, cooler to cold surfaces in blue.

Areas of application for thermography systems

Thermography is used in a wide range of applications, e.g. in areas such as security, reconnaissance and surveillance. Thermography systems are used, for example, for border controls and for the observation of persons or vehicles. Thermal imaging cameras are also used to secure and optimize the energy efficiency of houses or apartments. Thus, poorly insulated walls are depicted in a strong red. An advantage of thermography systems is, by generating thermal images, they continuously guarantee the best images of the environment, even under the most difficult environmental conditions, such as strong fog or smoke. An increased degree of security can thus be guaranteed, for example, during fire-fighting operations or when monitoring properties. Even in complete darkness, targets and potential danger situations can be identified at an early stage. A further advantage compared to conventional active night vision systems is the immunity to changing lighting conditions: External factors such as local over-radiation or brightest daylight have no influence on the quality of the resulting thermal images.

IR coatings according to customer specification

For a long-lasting thermography system, robust and high-quality IR optics are required which transmit the desired infrared rays in perfect form to the built-in detector. Impeccable surfaces and minimal scattering can be achieved with the best coatings.

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