Manufacturing of Microchips

Coating of high-quality wafers as the basis for integrated circuits

Microchips form the miniaturized core pieces of complex electronic circuits in a variety of electronic devices. They are, for example, in computers or smartphones and thus form the basis of our modern digitalization. Whether as control and computing units or complex memory elements, microchips are used extensively in a wide range of applications, e.g. in process control and measurement technology or medical technology.

Process steps in the manufacture of wafers

So-called wafers form the basis for the manufacture of microchips. Depending on the area of application, wafers are square or circular thin discs which are obtained from a monocrystalline or polycrystalline blank. For electronic components, wafers thus form the base plate for further work steps. They are established in various fields, such as microsystems technology, microelectronics or photovoltaics.

However, various finishing steps are necessary for the further processing or application of wafers. For an optimal surface, this includes polishes or coatings, for example. By means of various insulating or conductive coatings on wafers, it is possible in the field of microchip manufacturing, for example, to manufacture transistors and connect them to each other. Depending on the size of the wafer or the finished product, many microchips can be generated from the cross-linked transistors. The demands placed on wafers are increasing: ultra-thin, flawless and extremely stable must be the perfect wafers to generate even smaller and more powerful microchips. Unevenness must be corrected down to the nanometer range and surfaces must be perfectly refined.

Refinement through high-quality coatings

asphericon specializes in the finishing of flat wafers. Whether optical coatings, such as anti-reflective coatings, wavelength-specific anti-reflective coatings or anti-reflective coatings: Wafer optics can easily be sealed and optimized in best quality. Metallic or di-electric reflections also increase the effectiveness of wafers in order to act as heat protection or to reflect special light effects such as laser light. In-house environmental tests, such as temperature resistance tests, can be carried out internally and ensure perfect coating quality.

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