Ophthalmic Surgery

Optics and lasers for minimally invasive procedures

Ophthalmic surgery is an in-depth field of ophthalmology. The early detection of changes in and on the eye can - thanks to imaging procedures and the latest measuring technology - enable fast and precise diagnoses. Surgical procedures for the treatment of eye injuries and diseases offer unprecedented accuracies using state-of-the-art ophthalmological instruments - in particular special lasers.

The use of aspheres and filters in ophthalmic surgery

Figure: Schematic operation principle of a laser protection filter

High-quality optics form the basis for imaging procedures for pre and post-operative examinations. High magnifications by means of integrated lens systems allow detailed investigations to be carried out on the fundus. The use of aspheres also provides a more compact optical system, easier handling and lower material costs. Diffraction-limited imaging systems allow a slit lamp with integrated image and video function to capture and store pin-sharp images of the corneal surface. The result is also a time saving in the communication between examiner and patient, thanks to image-supported information about surgical procedures.

Due to their high optical density, laser protection filters in ophthalmological instruments enable safe working with the laser. Only the light that is harmless to the eyes of the examiner allows them to pass and blocks the passage of laser beams (see figure 1). At the same time, the high degree of transmission of the laser protection filters ensures that an image of the region to be treated can be created, e.g. at the back of the eye.

Figure: Schematic operation principle of a laser protection filter

Femtosecond laser instead of scalpel

A frequently used laser is the femtosecond laser, with which, for example, extremely precise incisions in the cornea can be achieved. With this laser-based method, minimally invasive procedures of the highest accuracy achieve more tissue-sparing results and thus help patients to recover faster. Precise beam shaping and precise imaging lens systems increase the accuracy of such lasers.

Durable coatings and high-resolution lenses, prisms or cylinders form the basis for trouble-free, detailed images that meet the requirements of your ophthalmic instruments. Our wide product range offers a multitude of optimal solutions.

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