A versatile electro-optical method for distance measurement

Laser rangefinders are very versatile. Small, robust and durable, they can be integrated into a wide variety of applications: On hikes, when playing golf, in flight safety, in the construction industry or hunting, they are the perfect partner for measuring distances precisely.

Functionality of laser rangefinders

Basically, two modes of operation of the digital laser rangefinder can be distinguished, based on:

  • Triangulation
  • The LIDAR Principle

In triangulation, a target point is aimed at by the laser from two different positions. Knowing the basic length - the distance between the two points of view - and the use of angle sets, the distance can be calculated.

The second mode of operation is based on the “LIDAR” principle (LIDAR = Light detection and ranging). A laser beam emitted by the laser range finder is reflected by a target point and detected by a light sensor installed in the device. A precision watch measures the elapsed time from emission to detection of the laser beam. The distance covered by the light is calculated from time and speed of light by the laser distance measuring device and shown on the display. The monochromatic light is guaranteed using special filters and allows perfect distance measurement in various weather and environmental conditions.

Aspheres and freeforms for laser distance measurement

Accurate laser-based measurements can be guaranteed by using special optics that ensure perfect imaging ratios and reduce the complete system to a minimum in size and weight. These include, for example, aspheres or freeforms that can replace a series of spherical lenses and thus make the complete system more compact - ideal for the best image quality.

Both, laser beam and sensors require a lens, the so-called transmitter and receiver optics. Some of these lenses have to withstand strong influences such as heat, moisture and dirt. asphericon offers a range of selected, high-quality optical systems that meet these requirements effectively and with a long service life. Resistance to external environmental influences is checked by means of in-house environmental tests. For special applications, our filters offer the appropriate additions to use the emitted and received light as efficiently as possible.

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