Optomechanical components

For precision alignment and shorter system lengths

Optomechanical components for unsurpassed Plug and Play precision

Discover how asphericon’s advanced optomechanics empower you to align optical elements within your beam path with precision – reducing tilt and making your set-up more compact while saving on adapters. Explore the unmatched possibilities of the a|Adapter Tilt and the a|VariMount from the BeamTuning range for your optical application, tailored by asphericon.


Different optical set-ups – like those for laser beam shaping – often necessitate at least one additional adapter per element and function in the beam path. This requirement not only extends the setup length but also heightens the risk of tilt and decentration. asphericon’s a|VariMount, a groundbreaking optomechanical component, addresses these challenges head-on.

The a|VariMount allows for the flawless integration and precision alignment of optical components when affixed directly to the mounting plate using its retainer. Offering a choice of three internal diameters (30 mm, 50 mm and 56.8 mm), it seamlessly integrates into 30 mm and 60 mm cage systems (from manufacturers like Thorlabs, Owis and Qioptiq) and can be mounted on a plethora of rail systems without the need for extra adapters.

The a|VariMount’s ingenious optomechanical design allows it to clamp optical components across a broad surface rather than at isolated points, thereby reducing stress peaks and deformations caused by point loads. This feature makes it possible to integrate even sensitive mounts, such as those crafted from aluminum alloys, with ease. Its versatility is further heightened with the incorporation of M6 and M4 threaded holes compatible with all post systems, allowing different optical systems and manufacturers to be mixed and matched.


  • Optomechanical mount for the integration of BeamTuning products and cross-system components (e.g. from Thorlabs, Owis, Qioptiq) in setups
  • Available in three internal diameters:
    • 30 mm for BeamTuning components
    • 56.8 mm for the a|VariColl
    • 50/50.8 mm (2") for unmounted aspheres and axicons (from autumn 2023)
  • Comes with M4 and M6 threaded holes as standard for all post systems
  • For the integration of optical components into 30 and 60 cage systems
  • Reduces the need for additional adapters
  • Can be positioned flat directly on mounting plates

Technical dimensions [mm]

Technical dimensions of the a|VariMount, available in the following internal diameters: 30, 56.8 and 50.8 mm (2").

Adapters and optomechanical systems with short delivery times.

a|Adapter Tilt

The a|Adapter Tilt joint adapter provides more flexibility in your laser setup, allowing BeamTuning elements to be combined even if, for instance, tilt occurs in the beam path due to the application. The optical mount can be flexibly and continuously tilted in the x and y directions for the precise alignment of optical elements in the beam path.

Technical dimensions [mm]

Example application of the a|Adapter Tilt (linking two a|BeamExpanders) and its technical dimensions.

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