Laser Material Removal

Targeted material removal by high-power lasers

By means of laser material removal it is possible to remove layers from various surfaces in order to clean, structure, de-coat or smooth them. The layers to be removed include, for example, corrosion or oxide layers on metallic surfaces which can be completely removed with the aid of laser beams (e.g. sheet metal blanks/tailored blanks). The process uses interaction of a laser with the material to be processed. By applying the beam in a controlled manner, the laser penetrates only a few micrometers into the structure and blows off the uppermost layers of the material.

Areas of application of laser material removal

The fast and effective ablation of surfaces by a laser covers a wide range of industrial applications. Laser material removal is used in microelectronics, automotive industry and aerospace industry, for example in the removal of insulation. Laser-based material ablation is often used before further processing steps of various workpieces, e.g. for the de-coating of solar cells. The removal of different layers serves to maintain certain layer thicknesses or to clean the workpiece. Depending on the objective, in addition to the removal of different layers, the underlying base layer can also be included in the process or not.

Depth of ablation depending on wavelength

Material removal is made possible by the wavelength of the laser, which is matched to material and layer thickness. The layers to be removed absorb laser light, the material heats up and vaporizes at corresponding points. Depending on the wavelength, the laser penetrates different depths of the material and blows off the desired layers. The controlled application of laser beam leads to targeted material ablation, both in depth and on the surface, and is essentially oriented to the desired ablation depth and the available processing time.

For an effective laser, high-quality optics, mirrors and powerful lens systems are necessary. Ideal imaging qualities of a lens lead to the best focusing of the laser beam and thus to an optimum energy concentration in the focus - for targeted material removal. In combination with our high-end coatings, the mirrors are additionally perfected and can withstand high temperatures without any problems.

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