Optical Assembly

Suitable solutions for frames and holders.

Individual assembly of optical components

The diverse range of asphericon services also includes the design of frames and holders for your optic components. Your specific requirements including environmental conditions, the choice of materials, resilience, and quality requirements are converted into cost-efficient mechanical designs.

Plug & Play Perfection

asphericon has completed its range of standard components with new high-precision mounted a|Aspheres and a|Axicons which offer a comfortable solution for your laser application. Benefit from mounts with an outer diameter of 30 mm especially designed for aspheres. All aspheres and axicons with diameters from 12.5 mm to 25.4 mm are perfectly aligned with < 10 µm decentration of the optical and mechanical axis. By using the a|Adapter each mount can be easily integrated into any optical system.

Mounted Optics – Your advantages

  • Especially designed mounts for aspheres and axicons, laser-engraved with lens specifications
  • Perfect alignment (< 10 µm decentration)
  • Thread: M28 x 0.75
  • Tilt-reduced for optimal focusing
  • Modular design for high compatibility to all asphericon products and common optical systems
  • Comfortable and timesaving handling
  • Easy and safe storage thanks to protective design and safety caps
  • Fast off-the-shelf delivery

We would be happy to assemble optics according to your specifications.

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