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Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffraction-limited beam expander. The a|BeamExpander is a monolithic laser accessory with just one aspheric lens for the highest level of precision. Experience nearly endless possibilities with up to 32× beam magnification and optimized performance for different design wavelengths – individually measured and certified.

  • Available with magnifications of 1.5 | 1.75 | 2.0
  • Max. input aperture 10.6-14.7mm, max. output aperture 22.5mm
  • Available in five design wavelengths [355nm / 532nm / 632nm / 780nm / 1064nm]
  • Possibility of combining up to five beam expander for up to 32 times beam expansion and over 230 intermediate stages
  • Completely diffraction-limited – individually measured and guaranteed by an original asphericon certificate
  • Laser induced damage threshold (12J/cm², 100Hz, 6ns, 532nm)

ExpansionλDesign [nm]
Product CodeThread [mm]Diameter [mm]Length [mm]Output Aperture [mm]Input Aperture [mm]ExpansionλDesign [nm]Price
BAM25-150-D-X-355M28x0.753043.322.514.71.53551820.00 询价
BAM25-175-D-X-355M28x0.753043.322.512.41.753551820.00 询价
BAM25-200-D-X-355M28x0.753043.322.510.623551820.00 询价
BAM25-150-D-A-532M28x0.753034.822.514.71.55321640.00 询价
BAM25-175-D-A-532M28x0.753034.822.512.41.755321640.00 询价
BAM25-200-D-A-532M28x0.753034.822.510.625321640.00 询价
BAM25-150-D-B-632M28x0.753034.822.514.71.56321585.00 询价
BAM25-175-D-B-632M28x0.753034.822.512.41.756321585.00 询价
BAM25-200-D-B-632M28x0.753034.822.510.626321585.00 询价
BAM25-150-D-B-780M28x0.753034.822.514.71.57801475.00 询价
BAM25-175-D-B-780M28x0.753034.822.512.41.757801475.00 询价
BAM25-200-D-B-780M28x0.753034.822.510.627801475.00 询价
BAM25-150-D-C-1064M28x0.753034.822.514.71.510641420.00 询价
BAM25-175-D-C-1064M28x0.753034.822.512.41.7510641420.00 询价
BAM25-200-D-C-1064M28x0.753034.822.510.6210641420.00 询价
Prices are valid per piece and in USD. Sales only to commercial customers. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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