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Want to generate focused squared beam profiles, like Top-Hat or Donut? No problem with the a|SqAiryShape! Optimized for wavelengths from 300 - 1600nm, this beam shaper enables, in combination with a focusing lens, the transformation of collimated Gaussian beams into different focused squared beam profiles. Thanks to its compact design, the beam shaping element can be easily integrated into existing set-ups.

  • Profile size easily scalable by focal length
  • Perfect alignment by high-precision mounting
  • Input beam diameter @ 1/e2 = 10mm; output beam diameter dAiry = 10mm
  • Laser induced damage threshold: 12J/cm², 100Hz, 6ns, 532nm

λDesign [nm]Wavelength range [nm]
Product CodeThread [mm]Outer Diameter Mount [mm]Length [mm]Input beam diameter @1/e² [mm]Output beam diameter dAiryλDesign [nm]Wavelength range [nm]Price
SQM25-100-D-Y-355M28x0.753017.31010355320-4503070.00 询价
SQM25-100-D-A-532M28x0.753017.31010532500-6203020.00 询价
SQM25-100-D-B-632M28x0.753017.31010632600-7602970.00 询价
SQM25-100-D-B-780M28x0.753017.31010780700-10502870.00 询价
SQM25-100-D-C-1064M28x0.753017.3101010641000-16002920.00 询价
Prices are valid per piece and in USD. Sales only to commercial customers. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Data sheets & downloads

📎 BeamTuning Brochure
📎 Data sheet SqAiryShape

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