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Discover asphericon’s latest fiber collimation device, the a|VariColl - generating the perfect input conditions for all following beam shaping optics. The adjustable EFL allows compensation of variations in the fiber NA. Thanks to the most precise optics as well as a sophisticated optical and mechanical design, modifications of beam size and divergence angle can be performed independently and without any effort. The a|VariColl allows finest adjustments for output beam diameter and divergence in applications with FC/PC patch fibers.

  • Effective focal length 47 – 99 mm
  • Obtain collimated beam with 10 mm diameter for fiber NAs in range of 0.055 to 0.12
  • Available in four design wavelengths [532nm / 632nm / 780nm / 1064nm]
  • Spectral range: 500 nm to 1200 nm
  • Generation of collimated diffraction-limited beams up to 11 mm 1/e2 with RMS wavefront error < 50 mλ
  • Adjustable beam diameter while keeping constant divergence at design wavelength
  • Precise adjusting of divergence is also possible
  • Laser induced damage threshold (Coating): 12J/cm², 100Hz, 6ns, 532nm

λDesign [nm]Wavelength range [nm]
Product CodeThread [mm]Diameter [mm]Length [mm]Numerical Aperture [mm]Focal length [mm]Output Aperture [mm]Maximum 1/e² diffraction-limited output beam diameter [mm]λDesign [nm]Wavelength range [nm]Price
VCM25-10-D-D-532M28x0.7565.81030.055-0.1245-992411532500-5657280.00 询价
VCM25-10-D-B-632M28x0.7565.81030.055-0.1246-99.52411632600-6856830.00 询价
VCM25-10-D-B-780M28x0.7565.81030.055-0.1246.5-1002411780700-8806500.00 询价
VCM25-10-D-C-1064M28x0.7565.81030.055-0.1247-101241110641000-12006160.00 询价
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