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Discover beam shapers, which easily transform collimated Gaussian beams into collimated Top-Hat beams. Available in three versions the a|TopShape convinces with a very compact design and unbeatable optical performance. For beam profiles up to 300 mm and as LongDistance (LD) variant for up to 1.5 m, the beam shaper accepts varying input beam diameter up to ±10%. With the a|TopShape LDX the beam profile can be shifted to large working distances of up to 3 m by adjusting the input beam diameter.

  • Unbeatable optical performance (beam uniformity up to 0.05) without any power losses
  • Large spectral range (320 nm to 1600 nm) and suitable for multi-wavelength applications
  • Propagation depth (with beam uniformity < 0.1):
    • a|TopShape at least 300 mm
    • a|TopShape LD up to 1.5 m
    • a|TopShape LDX at least 1.5 m, shiftable to larger working distances
  • Input beam diameter:
    • @ 1/e2 = 10 mm (± 10%) for a|TopShape & a|TopShape LD
    • @ 1/e2 = 10.0 - 10.4 mm for a|TopShape LDX
  • Output beam diameter @ FWHM = between 15.2 mm and 15.7 mm
  • Laser induced damage threshold: 12 J/cm², 100 Hz, 6 ns, 532 nm

Stable beam profile range [mm]λDesign [nm]Wavelength range [nm]
Product CodeThread [mm]Outer Diameter Mount [mm]Length [mm]Input beam diameter @1/e² [mm]Output beam diameter @FWHM [mm]Stable beam profile range [mm]λDesign [nm]Wavelength range [nm]Price
TSM25-10-Q-D-355M28x0.753092.31015.2-14.8at least 300355350-7005940.00 询价
TSM25-10-Q-B-632M28x0.753092.31014.8-14.6at least 300632600-10505710.00 询价
TSM25-10-Q-C-1064M28x0.753092.31014.6at least 30010641000-16005320.00 询价
TSM25-10-LD-Y-355M28x0.753089.61015.4up to 1500355335-3807050.00 询价
TSM25-10-LD-D-405M28x0.753090.51015.4up to 1500405375-4456600.00 询价
TSM25-10-LD-D-532M28x0.753091.81015.4up to 1500532465-6356220.00 询价
TSM25-10-LD-B-632M28x0.753092.31015.4up to 1500632530-8006220.00 询价
TSM25-10-LD-B-780M28x0.753092.81015.4up to 1500780620-10405830.00 询价
TSM25-10-LD-C-1064M28x0.753093.61015.4up to 150010641000-14905490.00 询价
TSM25-10-LDX-Y-355M28x0.753089.610-10.415.4at least 1500355335-3807730.00 询价
TSM25-10-LDX-D-405M28x0.753090.510-10.415.4at least 1500405375-4457280.00 询价
TSM25-10-LDX-D-532M28x0.753091.810-10.415.4at least 1500532465-6356820.00 询价
TSM25-10-LDX-B-632M28x0.753092.31015.4at least 1500632530-8006820.00 询价
TSM25-10-LDX-B-780M28x0.753092.81015.4at least 1500780620-10406380.00 询价
TSM25-10-LDX-C-1064M28x0.753093.61015.4at least 150010641000-14906050.00 询价
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