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Due to their conical shape, ring-shaped beam profiles can be generated with the help of axicons. The diameter of the ring-shaped beam depends on the angle and increases with growing distance between axicon and focal plane. Axicons are mainly used in beam shaping and various laser applications. They can also be used to generate non-diffracting, Bessel-like beams. A region with a nearly constant intensity distribution, whose length is defined by the angle and diameter of an axicon, is of interest here. Bessel beams are ideal suited for applications in medicine, research and metrology. By combining several axicons or lenses, a variety of beam profiles can be generated, such as collimated ring beams or variable ring foci. Further application examples can be found on the product page of our a|Axicons.

Discover the exclusive range of in-stock axicons. Available in two diameters (25.4 and 50.8 mm), they convince with a surface form deviation of RMSi < 0.07 µm. At asphericon's webshop you can buy axicons with four standard coatings directly from stock and with short delivery times.

a|Mounted Axicons
Also discover our mounted axicons. Buy perfectly aligned a|Axicons of the StockOptics product line in high-precision mounts. They offer a convenient solution for a wide range of laser applications.

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Product CodeMaterialDiameter [mm]Angle [degree]Design wavelength [nm]PriceDetails
XFL25-005-U-UFused Silica25.40.5780from 479,00 EUR
XFL25-010-U-UFused Silica25.41.0780from 479,00 EUR
XFL25-020-U-UFused Silica25.42.0780from 479,00 EUR
XFL25-050-U-UFused Silica25.45.0780from 479,00 EUR
XFL25-100-U-UFused Silica25.410.0780from 479,00 EUR
XFL25-200-U-UFused Silica25.420.0780from 479,00 EUR
XFL50-005-U-UFused Silica50.80.5780from 778,00 EUR
XFL50-010-U-UFused Silica50.81.0780from 778,00 EUR
XFL50-020-U-UFused Silica50.82.0780from 778,00 EUR
XFL50-050-U-UFused Silica50.85.0780from 778,00 EUR
XFL50-100-U-UFused Silica50.810.0780from 778,00 EUR
XFL50-200-U-UFused Silica50.820.0780from 778,00 EUR