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Acylinders or aspheric cylinders are optics with a cylindrical surface whose cross-section deviates from the shape of a circle. Practical applications include plano-concave and plano-convex Acylinders as well as those with spherical or aspheric reverse. In contrast to a lens, an acylinder bundles incident light not at a focal point but along a focal line. The bundling occurs without the influence of spherical aberration. Acylinders can be used, for example, in illumination technology, such as the anamorphic process. They are also used in measuring instruments, spectroscopes, laser scanners and in the generation of marking patterns in medical technology.

Buy aspheric cylinders with surface form deviations (RMSi) smaller than 0.5 µm directly from stock. Below you will find our attractive selection of a|Acylinders made of high-index-glass, available in three standard coatings.


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Product CodeMaterialSize [mm]EFL [mm]NAf/dDesign wavelength [nm]RMSi [nm]PriceDetails
CHL10-08-P-U-780S-LAH6410.0 x 291,00 EUR
CHL12-10-P-U-780S-LAH6412.5 x 12.510.00.550.8780500from 340,00 EUR
CHL15-12-P-U-780S-LAH6415.0 x 363,00 EUR
CHL18-15-P-U-780S-LAH6418.0 x 388,00 EUR
CHL20-18-P-U-780S-LAH6420.0 x 412,00 EUR
CHL25-20-P-U-780S-LAH6425.0 x 437,00 EUR
CHL30-26-P-U-780S-LAH6430.0 x 559,00 EUR
CHL45-32-P-U-780S-LAH6445.0 x 730,00 EUR
CHL50-40-P-U-780S-LAH6450.0 x 779,00 EUR