Purchase MountedOptics

Benefit from a convenient solution for your laser application with the attractive selection of pre-aligned aspheres, axicons and acylinders from our StockOptics product line in high-precision mounts. Buy all aspheres and axicons with diameters from 12.5 to 25.4 mm and all acylinders with diameters from 10 to 18 mm also as mounted optics. Perfectly aligned, with a decentration of the optical and mechanical axis of < 10 µm, MountedOptics ensure optimal focusing. In combination with our a|Adapters - SM1, C-Mount, 1.2 inch - all mounted lenses from asphericon can be easily used with common optical systems.

Mounted optics from asphericon - Purchase advantages
= Specially designed mounts for aspheres, axicons and acylinders, with laser engraved lens specifications
= Perfectly aligned (decentration < 10 µm) for optimized focusing through reduced tilt
= Thread: M28x0.75
= Modular design for high compatibility
= Comfortable and time-saving handling of your work
= Easy and safe storage thanks to protective design and protective caps