a|MountedAxicons - Buy high precision mounted axicons from stock

Please find below our attractive selection of mounted a|Axicons with 25.4 mm in diameter. Benefit from a high-precision mount with a perfectly aligned axicon (< 10 µm decentration). With the help of standard holders (e.g. from OWIS) a|MountedAxicons can be screwed without complicated alignment and adjustment into existing set-ups or other BeamTuning elements. The mounting threads (M28x0,75 mm) have an outer diameter of 30 mm and can be easily screwed on. Protective caps protect the optics from external influences.


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Product CodeMaterialAngle [degree]Design wavelength [nm]PriceDetails
XFM25-005-U-UFused Silica0.5780from 572,00 EUR
XFM25-010-U-UFused Silica1.0780from 572,00 EUR
XFM25-020-U-UFused Silica2.0780from 572,00 EUR
XFM25-050-U-UFused Silica5.0780from 572,00 EUR
XFM25-100-U-UFused Silica10.0780from 572,00 EUR
XFM25-200-U-UFused Silica20.0780from 572,00 EUR