a|MountedAspheres - Buy high precision mounted aspheres from stock

Please find below our attractive selection of ultra-precise mounted a|Aspheres (with diameters from 12.5 mm to 25.4 mm) which are perfectly aligned (< 10 µm decentration) in high-quality mounts. a|MountedAspheres can either be integrated into exisiting set-ups with common standard holders (e.g. OWIS) or conveniently screwed together with other BeamTuning elements. The mounting thread with an outer diameter of 30 mm allows to simply screw the lens into place. The optics are protected from external influences by the mount and the corresponding protective caps.

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Product CodeMaterialDiameter [mm]EFL [mm]NAf/dDesign wavelength [nm]RMSi [nm]Wavefront RMS [nm]PriceDetails
AHM12-10-P-U-780S-LAH6412.510.00.550.8780500≤ 390from 239,00 EUR
AHM15-12-P-U-780S-LAH6415.012.00.550.8780500≤ 390from 250,00 EUR
AHM18-15-P-U-780S-LAH6418.015.00.530.83780500≤ 390from 261,00 EUR
AHM20-18-P-U-780S-LAH6420.018.00.490.9780500≤ 390from 272,00 EUR
AHM25-20-P-U-780S-LAH6425.020.00.540.8780500≤ 390from 282,00 EUR
ALM12-25-P-U-780N-BK712.525.00.232.0780500≤ 255from 239,00 EUR
ALM25-50-P-U-780N-BK725.≤ 255from 282,00 EUR
AFM12-15-P-U-285Fused Silica12.515.00.391.2285500≤ 235from 380,00 EUR
AFM12-15-U-U-285Fused Silica12.515.00.391.2285300≤ 140from 420,00 EUR
AFM12-20-P-U-285Fused Silica12.520.00.291.6285500≤ 235from 380,00 EUR
AFM12-20-U-U-285Fused Silica12.520.00.291.6285300≤ 140from 420,00 EUR
AFM25-25-P-U-285Fused Silica25.025.00.481.0285500≤ 235from 535,00 EUR
AFM25-25-U-U-285Fused Silica25.025.00.481.0285300≤ 140from 560,00 EUR
AFM25-30-P-U-285Fused Silica25.030.00.391.2285500≤ 235from 450,00 EUR
AFM25-30-U-U-285Fused Silica25.030.00.391.2285300≤ 140from 520,00 EUR
AFM25-40-P-U-285Fused Silica25.≤ 235from 450,00 EUR
AFM25-40-U-U-285Fused Silica25.≤ 140from 520,00 EUR
AFM25-50-P-U-355Fused Silica25.≤ 235from 450,00 EUR
AFM25-50-U-U-355Fused Silica25.≤ 140from 510,00 EUR
AFM25-50-D-U-355Fused Silica25.≤ 10from 840,00 EUR
AFM25-75-P-U-355Fused Silica25.≤ 235from 450,00 EUR
AFM25-75-U-U-355Fused Silica25.≤ 140from 510,00 EUR
AFM25-75-D-U-355Fused Silica25.≤ 10from 840,00 EUR
AFM25-100-P-U-355Fused Silica25.0100.00.114.0355500≤ 235from 450,00 EUR
AFM25-100-U-U-355Fused Silica25.0100.00.114.0355300≤ 140from 510,00 EUR
AFM25-100-D-U-355Fused Silica25.0100.00.114.035520≤ 10from 840,00 EUR