a|MountedAcylinders - Buy high precision mounted acylinder from stock

Since the curved axis of an acylinder has the same characteristic as an asphere, it can only develop its full potential if it is optimally adjusted. Previously known concepts for mounting and holding cylindrical lenses provide fixation in a clamp. A much more convenient way to integrate acylinders in an optical system is provided by our a|MountedAcylinders. On request we offer a selection of our high-quality acylinders in specially designed mountings, which can easily be combined with other common optics systems thanks to their modular design.

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Product CodeMaterialEFL [mm]NAf/dDesign wavelength [nm]RMSi [nm]Thread [mm]PriceDetails
CHM10-08-P-U-780S-LAH648.00.490.8780500M28 x 0.75from 374,00 EUR
CHM12-10-P-U-780S-LAH6410.00.550.8780500M28 x 0.75421,00 EUR
CHM15-12-P-U-780S-LAH6412.00.540.8780500M28 x 0.75from 443,00 EUR
CHM18-15-P-U-780S-LAH6415.00.530.83780500M28 x 0.75from 467,00 EUR