Looking for a solution to easily change the EFL of your fiber collimator while easily connecting the FC/PC patch fiber to your setup? Discover a|VariColl – our latest fiber collimator/fiber coupler. With separate divergence and beam diameter adjustment capability, it’s perfect for illuminating beam-shaping optics such as a|TopShape, a|AiryShape, and a|SqAiryShape. Available in design wavelengths of 532 nm, 632 nm, 780 nm, and 1064 nm, the adjustable effective focal length allows compensation for manufacturing-related variations in fiber NA (numerical aperture). Thanks to its high-precision optics and the sophisticated optomechanical design, beam size and divergence angle can be easily and independently modified with the a|VariColl. The fiber collimator/fiber coupler generates collimated beams with a diameter of 10 mm for fiber NAs ranging from 0.055 to 0.12 and for a wide spectral range of 500–1,200 nm.


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Product CodeDiameter [mm]Effective focal length [mm]NADesign wavelength [nm]Thread [mm]PriceDetails
VCM25-10-D-D-53265.845-990.055-0.12532M28 x 0.756.500,00 EUR
VCM25-10-D-B-63265.846-99.50.055-0.12632M28 x 0.756.100,00 EUR
VCM25-10-D-B-78065.846.5-1000.055-0.12780M28 x 0.755.800,00 EUR
VCM25-10-D-C-106465.847-1010.055-0.121064M28 x 0.755.500,00 EUR