Optomechanical components in the asphericon webshop

Optomechanical components
In the asphericon webshop, you have the freedom to mix and match BeamTuning elements with systems from other manufacturers – with no tilt and without the need for additional adjustment. Uncover the capabilities of the a|Adapter Tilt and the a|VariMount for the precise alignment of your optical elements in the beam path.

asphericon’s optomechanical components have a host of advantages:
  • - Precise alignment of optical components
  • - Minimized tilt
  • - More compact system configuration
  • - Extensive cross-manufacturer compatibility options-

New products

Tilt adapter (UAM25-28-tilt-MIO)
Shipping time: 1-2 Days
The a|Adapter tilt is infinitely tiltable in both the x and y directions thanks to its multi-joint design. It enables...
150,00 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs