a|WaveAdapt - Divergence adjuster available in four design wavelengths

The a|WaveAdapt is a divergence adjuster and the perfect complement to the a|BeamExpander if an application requires it to be used at a different wavelength than its design wavelength. This distorts the wavefront and generates a convergent or divergent output beam. The a|WaveAdapt solves this problem and provides a perfectly collimated beam. It covers the entire spectral range from 500 nm to 1600 nm, adjusts divergences and corrects wavefront deviations while maintaining the beam diameter up to 1 mrad. For each beam expander from asphericon you can purchase a suitable divergence adapter in the four design wavelengths 532 nm, 632 nm, 780 nm and 1064 nm. Thanks to its metric fine thread the a|WaveAdapt, like all BeamTuning products, can be easily integrated into any optical system and combined with up to five additional BeamTuning elements. By compensation of the wavefront errors, the a|WaveAdapt operates completely diffraction-limited and under the adapted magnification.

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Product CodeDiameter [mm]Design wavelength [nm]Thread [mm]ExpansionPriceDetails
WAM25-100-D-A-53230 (-0.05 to -0.10)532M28 x 0.751.01.635,00 EUR
WAM25-100-D-B-63230 (-0.05 to -0.10)632M28 x 0.751.01.575,00 EUR
WAM25-100-D-B-78030 (-0.05 to -0.10)780M28 x 0.751.01.410,00 EUR
WAM25-100-D-C-106430 (-0.05 to -0.10)1064M28 x 0.751.01.335,00 EUR