Order the beam shaper a|TopShape for unbeatable optical performance

The asphericon TopShape is an innovative beam shaper which converts collimated Gaussian beams into slightly enlarged (M ≈ 1,5) collimated Top-Hat beams with uniform intensity distribution. Not only as a supplement to the a|BeamExpander but also in combination with other systems available on the market, the a|TopShape convinces at purchase by its compact design (total length only 89.6 to 93.6 mm) and an unbeatable optical performance (homogeneity > 90%). Available in two versions, for a stable beam profile for at least 300 mm and as LongDistance (LD) version of at least 1 m, both beam shapers cover a wide spectral range and accept different input beam diameters (± 10%). Due to the balanced choice of materials and the intelligent design, the a|TopShape can be used for a wide wavelength range (350 nm to 2500 nm). Its spectral range of application matches that of the a|BeamExpander. It is therefore only limited by the wavelength spectrum of its coating. Purchase the beam shaper a|TopShape as the perfect support for your applications, e.g. in the field of metrology or microscopy, in the design wavelengths 355 nm, 632 nm and 1064 nm.

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Product CodeDiameter [mm]Design wavelength [nm]Thread [mm]Stable beam profile range [mm]PriceDetails
TSM25-10-Q-D-35530.0355M28 x 0.75at least 300$ 5,940.00
TSM25-10-Q-B-63230.0632M28 x 0.75at least 300$ 5,710.00
TSM25-10-Q-C-106430.01064M28 x 0.75at least 300$ 5,320.00
TSM25-10-LD-Y-35530.0355M28 x 0.75at least 1000$ 7,050.00
TSM25-10-LD-D-40530.0405M28 x 0.75at least 1000$ 6,600.00
TSM25-10-LD-D-53230.0532M28 x 0.75at least 1000$ 6,220.00
TSM25-10-LD-B-78030.0780M28 x 0.75at least 1000$ 5,830.00
TSM25-10-LD-C-106430.01064M28 x 0.75at least 1000$ 5,490.00