Buy asphericon's new beam shaper for squared Top-Hat profiles in focus

The a|SqAiryShape is optimized for the wavelength range from 300 nm to 1600 nm and generates in combination with a focusing lens squared focused Top-Hat profiles. Always perfectly aligned thanks to precise mounting, this beam shaper, like all BeamTuning components from asphericon, impresses with a diffraction-limited wavefront. Thanks to its working principle, the a|SqAiryShape not only generates one Top-Hat beam profile in the focal plane of the lens, in addition to squared Top-Hat profiles of various sizes, Donut and Beam Waist profiles are generated as well. The profile size can be scaled through the focal length of the focusing optics. It also depends on the quality of the input beam: For best results, a perfectly collimated beam with minimized wavefront aberrations is required. Recommended for collimation is the use of the a|AspheriColl, also available from our webshop.
With a length of only 17.3 mm, the a|SqAiryShape is extremely compact and can be easily integrated into existing (even non-system) set-ups. Thanks to its intelligent optical design, this beam shaper also reduces the required working distance. Buy the a|SqAiryShape beam shaper in the design wavelengths 355 nm, 532 nm, 632 nm, 780 nm or 1064 nm for your application e.g., in the field of material processing.

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Product CodeDiameter [mm]Design wavelength [nm]Thread [mm]Wavelength range [nm]Output beam diameter dAiry [mm]PriceDetails
SQM25-10-D-A-53230.0532M28 x 0.75500 - 620102.745,00 EUR
SQM25-10-D-B-63230.0632M28 x 0.75600 - 760102.700,00 EUR
SQM25-10-D-B-78030.0780M28 x 0.75700 - 1050102.610,00 EUR
SQM25-10-D-C-106430.01064M28 x 0.751000 - 1600102.655,00 EUR
SQM25-10-D-Y-35530.0355M28 x 0.75320 - 450102.790,00 EUR