Adjustable fiber collimator / fiber coupler a|AspheriColl

The a|AspheriColl is an adjustable fiber collimator for perfect light guidance of FC/PC patch fibers. In combination with the a|BeamExpander it generates desired beam diameters while maintaining the diffraction-limited wavefront for NAs up to 0.275. Both products can be purchased conveniently and directly from stock at asphericon. The a|AspheriColl is optimized for wavelengths from 350 nm to 1600 nm and always perfect laterally aligned. Its optical design allows easy adjustment of the wavelengths by setting the adjustment unit with an SW2 allen key. Compared to other collimators available on the market, the a|AspheriColl does not cause any truncation effects. Due to larger beam diameters, no additional extensions of the system are necessary, which results in a shorter overall system length. When used with FC/PC patch fibers, the a|AspheriColl works completely diffraction-limited (Strehl > 0.95), but is also suitable for APC fibers thanks to matching adapters. Discover the a|AspheriColl and use our adjustable fiber collimator to easily combine all BeamTuning elements directly with your fiber-coupled laser source.

New: The a|AspheriColl is now also available for the UV range in our webshop. With its design wavelength of 355 nm, you can also collimate output beams in the wavelength range from 350 to 405 nm.

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Product CodeDiameter [mm]Effective focal length [mm]NAThread [mm]Wavelength [nm]PriceDetails
ACM25-20-L-Y-35530.020up to 0.275M28 x 0.753551.549,00 EUR
ACM25-20-L-A-53230.020up to 0.275M28 x 0.755321.399,00 EUR
ACM25-20-L-B-63230.020up to 0.275M28 x 0.756321.299,00 EUR
ACM25-20-L-B-78030.020up to 0.275M28 x 0.757801.199,00 EUR
ACM25-20-L-C-106430.020up to 0.275M28 x 0.7510641.149,00 EUR