Tilt adapter (UAM25-28-tilt-MIO)

The a|Adapter tilt is infinitely tiltable in both the x and y directions thanks to its multi-joint design. It enables especially high flexibility when BeamTuning products are combined. If, for instance, tilting occurs in the beam due to the application, this intra-system a|Adapter allows products to be combined and also ensures they’re precisely aligned in the beam path.
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150,00 EUR
Tilt adapter (UAM25-28-tilt-MIO)
Tilt adapter (UAM25-28-tilt-MIO)
Tilt adapter (UAM25-28-tilt-MIO)

Technical data

Product Features

Diameter adapter [mm]
Length [mm]
Thread [mm]
M28 x 0.75
Thread type
Adapter type
Intra-System Adapter
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