Order cross-system and intra-system a|Adapter conveniently online

Combine all BeamTuning elements conveniently with each other or with optical systems from other suppliers - without any additional adjustment effort. Intra- and cross-system a|Adapters allow a fast integration of the individual BeamTuning products and mounted optics from asphericon as well as a high compatibility to common optical systems. Intra-system a|Adapters allow e.g. the use of a|BeamExpanders in both functional directions to expand or reduce the beam diameter. The cross-system a|Adapter range includes adapters with C-mount and SM1 threads for easy integration into existing setups. Due to its outer diameter, the 1.2" circumference adapter can be used as an intra-system adapter as well as a cross-system adapter.

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Product CodeThread [mm]Thread typePriceDetails
1.2" Circumference adapter (UAM25-28-1.2in-MII)M28 x 0.75female/female35,00 EUR
C-Mount female (UAM25-28-C-MII)M28 x 0.75female/female35,00 EUR
C-Mount male (UAM25-28-C-MIO)M28 x 0.75female/male35,00 EUR
Intra-System Adapter (UAM25-28-A-MOO)M28 x 0.75male/female35,00 EUR
SM1 female (UAM25-28-SM1-MII)M28 x 0.75female/female35,00 EUR
SM1 male (UAM25-28-SM1-MIO)M28 x 0.75female/male35,00 EUR