Please find the best fitting a|BeamExpanderr for your desired beam expansion result from the subsequent list. Choose between single elements in different expansions (1.5x, 1.75x, 2.0x) each optimized for several wavelengths (355nm, 532nm, 632nm, 780nm, 1064nm) or use our set solutions. Combine five beam expanders and realize a diffraction-limited beam expansion of up to 32-times and over 230 intermediate stages. Conveniently use the BeamExpander Configurator to get your needed combination of beam expanders.
BeamExpander Configurator

Benefit from the BeamExpander Configurator to get results of the given target expansion, the number of a|BeamExpander to be used or a combination of both. For each result the number of BeamExpander (1.5 | 1.75 | 2.0) and the correct order will be listed. The results are generally sorted by expansion. The exact positioning and orientation of the lenses are shown by the button beside.


With the related Waveλdapt your beam expander can be adapted to each wavelength [500 nm – 1600 nm]. A diffraction-limited beam expansion is guaranteed with up to five combined beam expanders. Connect the components easily by using the respective a|Adapter.



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