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From product architecture and design through implementation. Based on the customer requirements and specifications, asphericon develops optimal solutions for optical applications. When realizing individual design solutions, asphericon is focused on development, production times and outstanding quality, while always keeping an eye on the economical efficiency.

In addition to the optical design of refractive, diffractive and reflective elements, the expertise of our employees also includes system design specially designed to meet the requirements of ultrashort laser pulses.

Design-to-Manufacturing - Optimized Designs for efficient manufacturing and maximum system reliability.

The basis for analyzing real, historical manufacturing data is our unique software architecture. Every process step is documented precisely. This enables us to predict exactly how various manufacturing parameters affect the final product and which tolerances ensure optimum yields for smaller or larger quantities. The software enables us to characterize customer systems perfectly. Finally, we create high repeatability, delivery reliability and stable costs. asphericon guarantees to actually manufacture created designs.

Would you like to learn more about our design-to-manufacturing processes? CEO Sven Kiontke and VP Strategy and Innovation Dr. Ulrike Fuchs explain more about the topic in the following video.

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Optimized Designs for efficient manufacturing from asphericon
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Design-to-Manufacturing - Optimized Designs for efficient manufacturing from asphericon


First, we analyze your technical requirements and also take into account material properties, coating, construction, beam propagation, etc. Our optical designers in Jena subject all factors to a thorough review and develop an initial technical feasibility study within three days.


asphericon provides optics designs for refractive, diffractive and reflective precision optics as well as optics for ultrashort laser pulses.

The design phase includes:

  • Tolerance analysis for production and calibration
  • Design-to-Manufacturing Approach
  • Development of the design description
  • Compiling an adapted coating design


Our design competence is rounded off by the production of optical designs by means of CNC machining and diamond turning. At asphericon you receive components, such as focusing optics, but also complete system designs from prototype to series production. We monitor the quality of our optics by means of in-house test procedures for all common standards (DIN, ISO, MIL, DO).

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