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An aspheric mirror is, like the parabolic mirror, a concave mirror. The aspherical shape of the mirror allows an improved geometric-optical imaging.

The group of aspheric mirrors also includes paraboloids, hyperboloids and ellipsoids. These, as well as mirrors with a customer-specific aspherical surface, are among the specialties of asphericons product range. Discover our selection of custom optical mirrors like laser mirrors, aspheric reflectors, telescope parabolic mirrors or beam splitter mirrors.

Depending on the material used, both CNC technologies of grinding and polishing, as well as diamond turning, are used in the production of aspherical on- and off-axis optical mirrors as well as reflectors. The material is selected according to the customers needs, with the range covering almost all types of glass, e.g. fused silica, as well as germanium, silicon, zerodur, infrared glass and calcium fluoride.

Thanks to optimized production technologies, high-end finishing such as asphericon ION-FinishTM and Magnetorheological Finishing-Technology® (MRF) as well as high-precision, full-surface and non-contact measurement asphericon manufactures aspheric and parabolic mirrors of the highest quality.

Depending on the requirements of our customers for aspheric mirrors and aspheric reflectors, accuracies of up to 50 nm global form deviation (irregularity) or 25 nm RMSi are achieved. The achievable roughnesses are, depending on the material and shape, up to 0.5 nm Rq. Learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

On-Axis Parabolic Mirrors

Mirrors and reflectors with parabolic or customdefined aspheric surface curvatures are one of our specialties. All designs will be delivered in the wellknown asphericon quality.

Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror

Our technology enables the production of off-axis mirrors and reflectors. Depending on geometry and deflection angle, we manufacture according to individual requirements.

Just as diverse as the possibilities for optical mirror coatings are also their fields of application. Besides being used in light sources, they are e.g. used for laser applications and in material processing. What’s more, aspheric mirrors are increasingly being employed in space and astronomy (e.g. reflector telescopes). They are used in the following areas:

  • Collimation of a spot light source
  • Telescopes (custom telescope mirrors)
  • Fiber collimators
  • Laser applications (e.g. laser mirror)
  • Material processing by lasers
  • Lighting


Whether you are looking for components for telescopes or measuring technology, asphericon offers complex solutions and the highest precision from a single source. Starting with optical design and the production of your parabolic mirror, asphericon also produce coated elements, such as dielectric mirrors for single wavelengths, two wavelengths and the entire bandwidth as well as metallic mirror coatings made from aluminum, gold and silver. Learn more about the details of asphericon coating, too.

Specifications parabolic mirror


Customized Mirrors


1-420 mm

Diameter Tolerance

+0/-0.3 mm

RMS irregularities (RMSi)

25 nm

Surface imperfections (Scratch/Dig)



Customer specific


Customer specific (almost any kind of glass, fused silica, germanium, silicon, IR lenses, Zerodur)


Customer specific

Measurement (optional)

Full-surface interferometric

Delivery time

From 6-8 weeks

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Individual parabolic mirrors

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