a|AspheriColl - optimized fiber coupling and fiber collimation

The a|AspheriColl is an adjustable fiber collimator for perfect alignment of FC/PC patch fibers to your set-up. Combine the off-the-shelf collimator for NAs up to 0.275 with BeamTuning or other beam shaping elements to obtain any desired output beam while maintaining a diffraction-limited wavefront. The optical design of the a|AspheriColl allows easy adjustment of the wavelengths without much adjustment effort. Due to larger output beam diameters, the fiber collimator can operate without additional elements and convinces by its compact design.

NEW: Now also available for UV applications. The new a|AspheriColl 355 nm covers the wavelength range from 350 to 405 nm and allows diffraction-limited beam collimation in the UV range.

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  • Fiber collimator covering for NA's up to 0.275
  • Focal length f = 20 mm, with Øe= 11,5 mm
  • Optimized for wavelength range 350 nm – 1600 nm
  • Easy wavelength adjustment
  • Perfectly aligned lateral position
  • Completely diffraction-limited performance (Strehl > 0.95) when used with FC/PC patch fibers
  • Thanks to matching adapters also usable for APC fibers
  • No truncation effects compared to other available fiber couplers
  • Thanks to bigger output beam diameters, no additional expansion might be needed (shorter system length)

The diameter of the collimated output beam generated by an a|AspheriColl depends on the NA of the fiber. This is a function of the wavelength.

The basic diameter is set as shown in the following graph. Pre-aligned for the wavelengths [nm] 355, 532, 632, 780 and 1064, the a|AspheriColl collimates output beams from single mode fibers with NA's up to 0.275.

Covered range of wavelengths of the a|AspheriColl for the design wavelengths [nm] 355, 532, 632, 780, 1064.

The map on the right shows the measured wavefront of an a|AspheriColl at 632nm. The diameter of the collimated output beam, which depends on the fiber's numerical aperture (NA) and mode field diameter (MFD), is already in a usable range. The fiber collimator is already perfectly aligned to the design wavelength. If needed, it can also be adjusted in a certain wavelength range. Due to its outer diameter of 30 mm the a|AspheriColl fits into any standard holder (e.g. from OWIS). By simply pluging in the fiber, the a|AspheriColl is ready to use.

The a|AspheriColl can easily be tuned in a certain wavelength and divergence range by setting the adjustment unit with an SW2 allen key.

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