Aspheric beam shapers

With a|TopShape and a|AiryShape asphericon offers two innovative beam shapers for maximum performance in all laser applications. Based on aspheric optics, the modular components enable uncomplicated transformation of Gaussian laser beams into various Top-Hat profiles. Thanks to most precise manufacturing technology, the modules convince with quality at the highest level and can be used in many ways.

Input and output beam of the beam shapers are freely scalable. Their wide spectral range (350 nm to 2500 nm) allows for applications in metrology, microscopy or material processing. a|TopShape and a|AiryShape can be used with a collimated laser but also with a fiber-coupled source. With their compact dimensions and the use of precision aspheric lenses, the beam shapers offer outstanding optical quality. Thanks to their modular design and asphericon assembly concept, a|TopShape and a|AiryShape can be connected quickly and without further adjustment into optical systems. They are easy to use and can be simply integrated into existing set-ups or combined with additional beam expansion components. The perfect alignment of all optical elements in high-precision mounts enables the beam shapers to be perfectly positioned within the beam path.


Discover the a|TopShape, an innovative beam shaper, which easily transforms collimated Gaussian beams into collimated Top-Hat beams. This laser device convinces with its very compact design and unbeatable optical performance (homogeneity > 90 %). Covering a large spectral range, the a|TopShape accepts varying input beam diameter and generates a stable beam profile for at least 300 mm.

  • Unbeatable optical performance (homogeneity > 90%) without any power losses
  • Large spectral range (350 nm to 2500 nm) and ideal for multi-wavelength applications
  • Accepts varying input beam diameter (± 10 %)
  • Stable beam profiles (with inhomogeneity < 10 %) for at least 300 mm
  • Extremely short overall length (92.3 mm)
  • Input beam diameter @ 1/e2 = 10 mm;  output beam diameter @ FWHM = 14.7 mm (@ 632 nm)
  • Beam shaping component suitable for highest laser power (customized coatings on request)
  • Laser induced damage threshold: 12 J/cm², 100 Hz, 6 ns, 532 nm

The following figures show the measured wavefront after passing 14 surfaces, including seven aspheres (left) and the beam profile after passing 12 surfaces, including six aspheres, at a working distance of 100 mm (right). The resulting RMS wavefront error of 0.05 λ, which corresponds with a Strehl value of 0.9, proves the very high optical quality. The resulting Beam Uniformity of 0.1 and the ISO Edge Steepness of 0.4 emphasizes this.

Covered wavelength range of a|TopShape for the design wavelengths [nm] 355, 632 and 1064.

Beam shaping has an important role to play, e.g. in applications in laser material processing or microscopy. Gaussian profiles are usually used in laser applications. They have weaknesses regarding the distribution of their intensity. With homogeneous intensity distributions, so-called Top-Hats, significantly better results can be achieved than with Gaussian profiles. They enable, for example, a high edge steepness of the laser beam and thus the quality of the cutting edge or an even illumination. Benefit from easy handling for your application! Convert Gaussian laser profiles into collimated or focused Top-Hat intensity distributions with asphericon’s beam shapers.



Quantitative analyses in laser-based wide-field fluorescence microscopy can be very challenging if based on unevenly illuminated Gaussian beam profiles. Using the a|TopShape can help in this case. A transformation of the Gaussian beams within the microscopy set-up into homogeneous Flat-Top profiles ensures a uniform illumination of the microscope slide and thus images, which are easier to read.

Learn more about the use of the a|TopShape in wide-field fluorescence microscopy in a paper by I. Khaw et. al. from CREOL, which is available for download here

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Beam shaper for generating collimated Top-Hats directly from stock.

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Another beam shaper optimized for wavelengths from 300 nm up to 1600 nm is the a|AiryShape. This beam shaping element enables in combination with a focusing lens the transformation of collimated Gaussian beams into different focused beam profiles (e.g. Top-Hat, Donut). Thanks to its compact design, the a|AiryShape can be easily integrated into existing set-ups.


  • Generation of different beam profiles
  • Profile size easily scalable by focal length
  • Optimized for wavelengths from 300 nm to 1600 nm
  • Easy integration into existing set-ups
  • Perfect alignment by high-precision mounting
  • Compact design
  • Input beam diameter @ 1/e2 = 10 mm; output beam  diameter dAiry = 10 mm
  • Laser induced damage threshold: 12 J/cm², 100 Hz,  6 ns, 532 nm

In the figure below normalized beam profile sections along its propagation direction (z-axis) are summarized in one diagram. The detected range is ± 1.5 mm around the waist location. Furthermore, the corresponding most interesting intensity profiles in the different working planes are shown as 2D and cross-sectional plots. Both plots of the characteristic beam profiles are generated with the a|AiryShape (λ = 635 nm). According to the working principle of the  a|AiryShape, it is possible, not just to generate one Top-Hat beam profile in the focal plane of a focusing lens but also to create various profiles in different working distances for your flexibility. The generation of the shown beam profiles depends on the input beam quality. For optimum results a perfect collimated beam with minimized wavefront aberrations is required.


Based on the BeamTuning elements the AiryShape covers a wide wavelength range for your challenging application.

In addition to optimizing the laser and processing parameters, the adaptation of the focal intensity distribution offers great potential for high-precision results in laser material processing. In cooperation with the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM) in Jena, asphericon has analyzed various tailored intensity distributions, generated with the a|AiryShape, with regard to their suitability for material processing with femtosecond lasers on micro- and nanoscales, such as cutting, marking and generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures. All results are available for download in a paper by A. Möhl et. al.

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Compile asphericon's beam shaping products with MountedOptics and/or BeamExpansion products flexibly for your individual application. For a quick and easy overview, asphericon has already developed various standard combinations of the a|BeamBoxes.

  • a|BeamBox to generate collimated Top-Hat beams
  • Combines up to five a|BeamExpanders, a|TopShape and a|AspheriColl with matching a|Adapters and MountedOptics
  • Design wavelengths: 355 nm, 632 nm and 1064 nm
  • Application: metrology, microscopy
  • a|BeamBox to generate collimated Top-Hat beams
  • Combines up to five a|BeamExpanders, a|TopShape and a|AspheriColl with matching a|Adapters and MountedOptics
  • Design wavelengths: 355 nm, 632 nm and 1064 nm
  • Application: metrology, microscopy

Combine a|BeamExpander, a|Waveλdapt, a|TopShape, a|AiryShape and a|AspheriColl with a|Adapters (intra-system and cross-system) and MountedOptics individually to suit your requirements. Almost every combination of products is possible! Please contact us.

Aspheric beam shapers and beam expanders from asphericon

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Precise optical modules for different applications – asphericon BeamTuning

Discover the unlimited combination possibilities of a|TopShape and a|AiryShape with other BeamTuning elements – including a perfect fiber coupling solution. Necessary flexibility is provided by a|Adapters – a combination with other systems (e.g. Owis, Edmund Optics, Qioptiq) is easily possible. Use a|BeamExpander and MountedOptics to expand the beam or shorten the working distance for your laser application. Both beam shapers are available in various combinations as practical and price-optimized a|BeamBox.

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