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Discover the world's first aspheric and diffraction-limited beam expansion system and brand-new beam shaper for round and squared Top-Hats! The BeamTuning product range includes beam expanders of different wavelengths and magnifications, fiber collimators, elements for using the a|BeamExpander outside of their design wavelength, beam shaper and intra- and cross-system adapters.


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Aspherical laser beam expansion and fiber coupling
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BeamTuning by asphericon
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Gauss to Top-Hat beam shaping with a|TopShape
BeamTuning Episode 6
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Plug and play beam expansion with a|BeamExpander
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All beam expansion and shaping elements can conveniently be combined in an a|BeamBox according to your specifications. An intelligent assembly concept saves time-consuming adjustments and ensures precision and flexibility.
Combine different a|BeamExpanders, the a|Waveλdapt, the fiber collimator a|AspheriColl as well as our beam shapers for round and squared Top-Hat beam profiles with a|Adapters (intra-system and cross-system) and MountedOptics according to your requirements. Whether for beam expansion or beam shaping, choose your individual a|BeamBox e.g., for laboratory or metrology applications. Any combination is possible.

BeamTuning products by asphericon cover an enormous wide range of wavelengths. The right solution for every application.

Find out more about asphericon's beam expansion and beam shaping products.

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Discover asphericon BeamTooling. With this app you can quickly and easily calculate the use of BeamTuning products. For instance, calculate wavefront and divergence deviations of a|BeamExpanders when using alternative wavelengths than to the design wavelength or optical properties of aspheres before you decide on a specific product. The app is available in the Apple and Google App Stores.

Features of BeamTooling:

  • Illustration of the properties of StockOptics used at a wavelength other than the design wavelength
  • Calculation of effective focal length (EFL) and working distance (WD) from a|Aspheres, a|Axicons and a|Acylindern
  • Possible combinations of a|BeamExpanders for special target expansions
  • Effect on ultrashort laser pulses
  • Residual divergences and wavefront errors of a|BeamExpander as a function of wavelengths
  • Calculation of beam diameter based on mode field diameter or fiber NA when using a|AspheriColl
  • Possible combinations of beam shapers a|TopShape and a|AiryShape with a|BeamExpanders

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You can also use the web version for calculation.

Elements for beam expansion and shaping directly from stock.

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Diffraction-limited beam expansion (or reduction) for all wavelengths (Wavelength range: 355, 500 – 1600 nm) and highest flexibility. In addition to the aspheric a|BeamExpander, the asphericon beam expansion system also includes a device to adjust divergence, the a|WaveAdapt, the fiber collimator a|AspheriColl and a series of matching adapters.

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Fiber collimation and fiber coupling with excellent optical quality. Due to the special mounting concept, the a|AspheriColl is easy to connect and can be used without additional adjustment. The fiber collimator generates a diffraction limited wavefront and is optimized for wavelengths from 350 nm to 1600 nm.

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Beam shaping at the highest level, optimized for all wavelengths (wavelength range: 300 - 1600 nm). Use the a|TopShape to transform Gaussian laser beams into collimated Top-Hat beams, the a|AiryShape for round focused beam profiles and the a|SqAiryShape for squared focused beam profiles (Top-Hat, Donut, Beam Waist).

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Besides beam expanders and beam shapers asphericon manufactures high-precision aspheres, axicons, aspheric cylinders, customized optical systems as well as mounted optics and parabolic mirrors.

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