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In addition to an exclusive selection of high-precision 1″ and 2″ a|Axicons direct from stock, asphericon also manufactures convex and concave axicons as custom solutions. According to the requirements of our customers, we manufacture prototypes, small series or series. Almost all optically effective materials are suitable for production using specially developed CNC-controlled grinding and polishing processes. asphericon is achieving accuracies from up to 200 nm global surface imperfections (irregularities) or values of RMSi of 40 nm. Also benefit from the following specifications:

  • Customer-specific Axicons for the UV/VIS/IR range
  • Individual optical designs for a wide range of applications
  • Excellent surface quality with roughness values as low as 5 Å
  • High-end coatings

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asphericon manufactures convex and concave axicons with irregularities RMSi ≤ 0.05 µm as customized solutions. Convince yourself of the high accuracy and quality of our axicons as well as the possibilities for beam shaping applications. According to the requirements of our customers, we produce prototypes, small and large series.

asphericon's manufacturing basis is built on a specially developed and patented technology for the control of CNC grinding and polishing machines, which is continuously being further developed. The precision of our production already exceeds the current standard and inspires customers worldwide.

Axicons from asphericon are convincing in various fields of application, e.g. in laser beam shaping. We manufacture optical coatings in the spectral range from UV to the near infrared range, from anti-reflective coatings to wavelength-specific filter layers, to suit your individual requirements.

Do you already own axicons and would like to have them characterized or coated? asphericon also offers various supplementary services. In addition to the measurement, the coating of your provided optics, for example, can be realized subsequently. We would also be pleased to complete your axicons with high-quality mounts for optimum compatibility with other optical components.

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