StockOptics Aspheres

The StockOptics Aspheres product range includes an exclusive selection of standardized optics. Choose between asphericon a|High-NA, a|Low-NA and a|UV-grade fused silica. Thanks to CNC polishing and grinding this aspheric lens meets the highest demands on production quality and tolerance:

  • Precision polished Aspheres (a|High-NA, a|Low-NA and a|FusedSilica)
  • CNC grinding & polishing for superior surface roughness
  • Materials: S-LAH64, N-BK7, FusedSilica
  • Diameter: 10 mm to 100 mm
  • Off-the-shelf delivery for short lead times
  • Files for optical design and drawings available (Zemax, CodeV, OSLO, VirtuelLabTM, Step)


BeamTuning App

Discover our BeamTooling App and calculate important optical properties of StockOptics aspheres online.

App Features:

  • Illustration of a|Asphere properties used at a wavelength other than the design wavelength
  • Calculation of effective focal length (EFL) and working distance (WD)
  • ... and further calculations of the BeamTuning range

The app is available in the Apple and Google App Stores.

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 a|High-NAa|Low-NAa|UV-grade fused silica
Diameter10-50 mm12,5-100 mm12.5-50 mm
Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.05 mm+0/-0.05 mm+0/-0.05 mm
λDesign780 nm780 nm285 nm
MaterialS-LAH64N-BK7Fused Silica
Surface Form Deviation (RMSi)≤0.5 µm≤0.5 µm≤0.3 µm
EFL Tolerance≤0.1 %≤0.1 %≤0.1 %
Surface Imperfections (Scratch/Dig)60 - 4060 - 4020 - 20
Center Thickness Tolerance± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Clear Aperture≥ 90 %≥ 90 %≥ 90 %

Advantages of StockOptics Aspheres

The advantages of precision-made aspheres combined with the cost advantages of serial production: StockOptics aspheres can be ordered directly from stock via the webshop. Benefit from fast availability and short delivery times.

Perfectly aligned, selected a|Aspheres (diameter 12.5 mm to 25.4 mm) are also available with high-precision mounts and a decentration of < 10 µm. Mounts labeled with the lens specifications allow uncomplicated use in a wide range of applications.

Increase the efficiency of your optical components with high-quality coatings. asphericon manufactures optical coatings in the spectral range from UV (190 nm) to the near infrared (3 µm) with reasonable delivery times and reliable service.

For a seamless planning of your optical set-up, asphericon also provides the appropriate optical design files (CodeV, etc.). Convince yourself of the unique accuracy of our a|Aspheres and get the design files free of charge in our webshop.

Precision polished aspheres with short delivery times.

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