Custom Acylinder

Based on a specially developed CNC grinding and polishing processes, asphericon manufactures acylinders with a surface form deviation (RMSi) of ≤ 0.5 µm. Together with our customers, we design and manufacture suitable aspherical cylinders for their applications from a large selection of optical glasses, from prototypes to series production. You can also benefit from the following specifications:

  • Customer-specific Acylinders
  • Available in different shapes: planoconvex, planoconcave, biconvex, biconcave
  • Outer shape can be userdefined
  • Excellent surface quality with roughness values as low as 5 Å
  • High-end coatings


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Based on the specially developed technology for CNC grinding and polishing processes, asphericon is able to produce acylinders with minimal surface form deviations (RMSi ≤ 0.05 µm). Matching your individual requirements, we manufacture high-quality acylindrical optics of highest accuracy with best imaging properties.

Aspherical cylinder optics have a focus line instead of a focal point due to their geometry. Free of spherical aberrations, best optical imaging qualities can be achieved. Benefit from the unique accuracy and precision of asphericon's customized acylinders.

For a maximum optical radiation output, we offer the possibility of refining acylinders with high-quality coatings. From anti-reflection to metallic layers and wavelength-specific filter coatings, we coat in-house with reasonable delivery times.

In addition to high-quality coatings, asphericon's reliable service also includes optical measurement for maximum effectiveness and longevity of your optics. Convince yourself of the high accuracy of our measuring systems. For a simple combination with other mounted optical components, we will be happy to add a high-quality mount to your optical components.

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