Aspheric optics at maximum precision

The comprehensive product range from asphericon offers a customized solution for your application. Discover a large number of user-specific elements as well as standardized aspheric optics in stock – from high-quality aspheres, axicons and aspheric cylinders through mirrors and reflectors to ultra-precise mounted optics. In addition asphericon offers the innovative BeamBox, a modular beam expansion system that enables up to 32x diffraction-limited beam expansion.

asphericon Custom

We develop the optimized solution for your aspheres and optical components and manufacture at the highest level of precision.

  • Materials: Glass | Fused Silica | PMMA | Metals | IR lenses | IR crystals | CaF2
  • Shapes: Aspheres | Spheres | Acylinders | Axicons | Diffractive elements
  • Wavelength: UV | VIS | NIR-IR-FIR

Precision aspheres made by asphericoncustomized aspheresaspheres for every applicationmanufacturing aspheric optics

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Choose from our immediately available aspheres, axicons, aspheric cylinders and beam expanders and order conveniently online in our Webshop.

  • Precision-polished aspheres with superior surface quality
  • Short delivery times thanks to delivery from stock
  • Attractive volume discounts thanks to cost-optimized production processes

AxiconsBeam-Expander UVaspheric cylinder lensesprecision aspheres

Benefit from our knowledge, expertise and experience gained in numerous demanding client projects. Our unique technological equipment enables the manufacturing of optical components for all wavelengths in various shapes, using a very wide range of materials. Combining this with our high-end manufacturing processes and applications, we routinely achieve unique levels of dimensional accuracy.
asphericon assists you from the initial optical design, through manufacturing and coating, precision metrology and documentation, to the assembly of optical modules and optical characterization.