Freeform Optics Plus (fo+)

27.03.2016 | Thema: Optics

Since 2014, asphericon has been working with its partners on the Freeform Optics Plus (fo+) research project.

DruckThe significance of aspherical solutions with regard to the use of all variances for lens and reflective surfaces has been increasing for years. As a result, no restrictions are placed on the optically refractive or reflective active surfaces. In comparison with conventional systems with a linear beam path, such freeform optics have a folded beam path. High-performance, compact and lightweight systems can be realized. Freeform optical systems are particularly used in the fields of safety engineering, remote sensing and material processing.

In the alliance FREEFORM OPTICS PLUS (fo+), asphericon works with nine industrial and research partners from the photonics industry in Thuringia to develop solutions in the field of innovative freeform optics. The freeform optics technology platform is developed further at all value creation stages. The aim is to realize the manufacture and distribution of high-quality and efficiently producible freeform optical systems for national and international customers.

As part of the growth center fo+, asphericon develops methods of processing for freeform surfaces on various materials (UV, VIS, IR) that fulfil the highest quality demands. What’s more, asphericon is also involved in foundation work in optical and mechanical design, methods of applying coating systems onto significantly opening freeform surfaces, the structuring and production of diffractive surfaces, and the development of assembling processes to integrate freeforms.

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